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Monday, March 28, 2016

Running Wild trail run recap

I hope you guys had a great Easter!

 We went to dinner with Jeremy's dad on Friday night to a new restaurant in Louisville called River House. I was not impressed at all. I got the Granny Smith salad. It was really small, really expensive  and not much flavor.

 Then Sunday night we went to Cracker Barrel with his mom. CB is probably my least favorite restaurant.
 But hey, it made it easy to stick to my diet!

Saturday I ran a 4 mile trail run at a Wildlife Education Center. It was SO much fun! I do like running on pavement better, but it's nice to do something different every once in awhile..
 A couple months ago I did an 8 mile trail race, and that was a breeze compared to this one. This was probably 90% uphills. And not nearly as many downhills! I do love a challenge though.

We had a lot of rain a couple days before, so the trail was pretty muddy in some places.
Around mile 2, probably about 20 fast runners were coming back in my direction. I thought wow, is this really an out and back race? That's crazy, because you can see it's a small single trail!
 I stood over to the side and let them all pass, and I overheard one of them saying they took a wrong turn.
Before the race, the RD told us, if you don't see a yellow arrow or a person directing you, don't turn!
I thought the trail was marked very well.
It's funny how people just follow everyone else. Not judging them, cause I do the same thing! 
It was a great race, I'll definitely do it again!

This morning a friend of mine is having a baby, so I'll be going to the hospital this evening to see her. Yes, I'm scared. She of course knows my situation, so she knows I'll be a mess! But I'm going to hold it together. Friday night she wanted me to feel the baby move, so I put my hand on her stomach and she kicked my hand a couple times. I had to walk away. I just couldn't take it.
 Someday. Someday this will no longer be who I am. Someday I will have my own baby and everything will be right with the world. I believe that with all my heart.

And since I don't want to end on that note, here's my latest Gwynnie Bee dress. It was definitely one of my favorites. I love this company! Renting clothes, returning them, never wearing the same thing twice- it's awesome. :)

How was your Easter?
What's your favorite restaurant?



  1. I'm so glad you turned me onto Gwynnie. I love having a new dress every week. & have now bought 3 of them - & probably going to buy the one I have right now :)

    ... Oh sweet friend - I know its tough to be happy for your friends but be heart broken as well. Its a tough thing people dont understand unless they have been there.

    Cracker barrel - UGH -that's my worst place in the world to eat. I'm not a fan of ANYTHING of theirs.

  2. I pretty much can find something to eat no matter what restaurant we go to. But I have definitely noticed that eating out frequently tends to put weight on me, so I'm trying to limit that these days.

    As much as I feel so bad for you and your situation regarding children, I LOVE your outlook and positive attitude. That goes such a long way. You are obviously great at reaching goals once you set them, so I have a good feeling about this. :-)

    April in Georgia

    1. I can find something to eat at most places...except Italian. That's just impossible! Thank you so much, April. Sometimes I struggle with staying positive through it all, but it definitely beats the alternative. :)

  3. Love the new dress!!!! And I really do believe you will have your own baby to hold one day, my thoughts have been with you as I know your struggling right now!
    You know I have been in races where one person turns the wrong way and others follow blindly, if I ever wanted to mess with people in a race, it would be funny to do, LOL Okay, sure I'd be the most hated person, but it would be interesting to just take odd turns and see who follows, LOL yeah, I am weird haha:)
    Yucky food places do help with the diet. I have been mostly avoid eating out except one meal a week (my cheat meal), and ya you can laugh but I totally went for McDonalds last week I was just craving it, and I'll admit it, it tasted fabulous, the only thing I wish I had done was eat inside so I could have refilled the drink LOL Oh well guess one large Coke was enough:) I'm terrible, I know, but I live for that cheat meal each week I swear, LOL

  4. The race looks like fun! Not sure I'd like the hills but I'm going to have to be on the lookout for some trail runs. Bummer about the Easter meals - BUT you definitely did way better than I did on the calorie count/healthy food scale. My in-laws served honeybaked ham, shredded pork, corn, corn pudding (must have both), succotash (yes, more corn), mashed potatoes, and rolls. I can't handle it ... so they know I'm going to bring a green salad to share and that's what I try to fill my plate up with. I still go for the rolls and desserts though ... :)

    And my thoughts are with you. I pray your someday comes soon. I don't know you but from here and it's obvious you have a heart for children. ((hug))

  5. I am with you. Some people are obsessed with Cracker Barrel and I just have never gotten it.

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