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Monday, March 21, 2016

Sam Costa Half Recap

Saturday I ran half #19, the Sam Costa half marathon.
This race was not on my schedule, but I hadn't done any half's this year, and I really, really needed (wanted) to! I found this one in Carmel, IN, where I have friends that live, so I got to stay with them Friday night.

 Packet pick up wasn't until Saturday morning. I decided to wait and register that morning, rather than online, so I wouldn't have to pay extra fees. I got to the church where the race started, about 45 minutes before the start and got registered and all ready to go.
 My friend Kim told me she would be running it too (yay!!), so we met up and hung out until the start.

I had been worried about the weather, up until the last minute it showed rain and snow! Thankfully, we didn't get either. The weather started out in the upper 30's, then warmed up to around 45. It was perfect!
 I felt great the whole race. Although around mile 11 I was starting to feel like ok, does this ever end!

I told you guys how I was a little worried about the 3 hour cutoff time, just because my running hasn't been that great lately. My average half time lately is 2:45, so I was hoping to be at that, or preferably quicker!
My finish time was 2:44.

I found Kim and we headed out to Pizzaology for lunch.

Best pizza and beer ever!!
This was a great race, the volunteers were super friendly and it was organized very well.

This is probably my most boring race report ever, since it was a pretty boring race. (Mostly ran through neighborhoods.)
 But hanging out with my sweet Kim, and the friends I stayed with was wonderful.
And of course I love to run, even the boring runs!

Who else ran or raced this weekend?


  1. Awesome job!! That pizza looks great. You know it's good when they use that kind of pepperoni!

  2. Dont you love when the weather turns for the good?
    You are so amazing that you are like, Hey, I'll run a half marathon this weekend just because :)

  3. Great job in the race! Having the perfect running weather temps does help, and clearly you had no worries on the cut off time:)
    Oh that pizza looks amazing, I need to quit thinking about that at least until dinner, LOL

  4. Small races are so much fun -- I like the big races for the added motivation to beat the person in front of me ;) but I also like a small race when I just want to run. Good job on your time!!

  5. Nice job!! I went to college in Bloomington, and graduate school in Indianapolis! Not running at the moment cause a calf injury has sidelined me :-( You don't want one of those, they are a slow heal. I've run a few halfs at a little over 1 1/2 hours.

    1. Thank you! I hope that injury heals up soon, that sounds awful. Wow, you're fast!! Hope you can get back out there soon!

  6. Yum I want pizza now! You did so well! Glad you got to visit your friend and had fun even though the race was a little boring :)


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