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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My smallest race ever

It was a little tough waking up early again, after sleeping in all week.
But, I never get tired of seeing this girl. I mean, just look at her!

The very thought of this nanny job being over in 7 weeks is so hard to even think about. I miss this baby like crazy after one week, and the thought of not being in her life anymore....gahhh I don't want to think about it.
 When I woke her up this morning and picked her up out of the crib, she would look at me, then lay her head on my shoulder, then look at me, then lay her head on my shoulder. I think she missed me too. :)
I did decide to go ahead and do my 5k race on Saturday, and I'm so glad I did. It was cold and windy, but I still loved every moment.
Jeremy even offered to come with me, which was so sweet. He stood outside in the cold the whole time. He said if I have to be out in the cold, he would too. Of course I warmed up right away, and he froze. He's a good man.

This was the smallest race I've ever done. There was maybe 50 people. But I do enjoy small races sometime. They're just so chill and relaxing.
 And there's a higher chance of placing in small races. I was hoping that might happen, until I heard the age group was 19 and over! Whaaaat?? Whose decision was that?
 But it was still a great race!

Which do you prefer, small or big races?



  1. ahh - that's a bummer they had the age group all lumped up.
    I saw it on the news that morning & didn't realize what it was for - it needs more attention to build.
    You look so beautiful in that picture of you & your hubs!!! Even while running :)
    I didnt know your nanny job was going to end soon. I know that's gotta be tough on you in a few ways. Dang it. That's the worst part of the job, isn't it? Getting attached & then having to leave. That chokes me up & I'm not even doing it.

  2. So glad the race went well despite the cold weather. What a sweet husband you have to come out in the cold and cheer you on! It always makes races so much better when you can share them with those you love.

    19 and over??! What a bummer! I've never heard of that. Our races typically have 5 or 10 year increments in our age groups. I would hate to know I was competing with 19 and 20 year olds! Lol.

    April in Georgia

    1. I had never heard of a race having such a huge age difference! This was their first year, so hopefully some things will be different next year. Thanks April!

  3. I like the anonymity of large races -- just being able to keep plugging away at my own pace but still be able to use someone in front of me as a rabbit. But then I like the smaller races too since they don't seem so competitive ... but for 19 years and up? pfft ... I'm going to have to keep running into my 70s before I have a chance of an age group award. ;) Yay for supportive hubbies! Does he run too or is he more into spectating?

  4. I have never run a race that small, I think it would be fun! Personally, I like larger races. more people on the course means I will be less likely to be the last person on the course lol

  5. Very nice of the Hubby to come support you!
    You know I am a mix, sometimes I really enjoy smaller and other times bigger is fun. Overall, I look at location, but sometimes those smaller lesser known races are true gems!
    FYI: She's a totally cute baby, so sweet!


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