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Monday, April 25, 2016

Weird pain and a going away party

Saturday I ran my last 'longish' run until the KY Derby mini next Saturday. The weather was absolutely perfect, I'm hoping it will be the same on race day.
After my run, once I got back home, I started having horrible back pain. I couldn't even bend over, I could hardly move. If I did move the wrong way, I had a breathtaking, searing pain on the lower right side. It was crazy! Yesterday was better, but it was still painful. My friend April said that happened to her before, and it was because she would hunch over as she ran.
I realized that I do that too when I run, I see it in my race pics! So, I will be more intentional about straightening up when I run. Hopefully this won't happen again!

We had a going away party for my youngest sister and her husband. They're going to Zimbabwe for 4 months on a mission trip.
 Ok, I'm a little jealous. What an amazing adventure they'll have!!

Yes, that is one of my twinnie's amazing cakes

I'm going to miss her like crazy!!
My amazing family. (Missing my sister and her fam in WI) We all get together almost every Friday night at my parent's house for dinner. We have a blast!

 I asked Lyla to please bring me back one or two of those precious Zimbabwe (Zimbabwesi?) babies. Pretty sure she'll do it for me.

Have a fabulous week!!

Anyone else have back pain after a run?



  1. Tell her to bring me back one of those babies too :)
    I love your family gets together so much. My family all lives about 5 miles from me in either direction & we never get together.
    Another GORGEOUS cake!!!!!
    Oh man - back pain is MISERABLE. Hopefully its better today. I catch myself slumping when I run too. I tried to really keep myself upright this past run... I need a good posture kick in the butt on a daily basis even just sitting at my desk. I dont want to be that hunchback when I'm in my 70's

  2. Oh wow! I ran a 10 mile (very hilly) race yesterday and had the worst back pain! I've never had it before, but I realized my posture was probably horrible up and down the hills. Feels better today, but will definitely need to pay attention to my posture while running going forward. Hope your pain subsides, it's definitely no fun!!

    1. That must be the cause of mine too. I'll definitely be paying more attention to my posture when I run! Congrats on your race!

  3. That's so great that your family still gets together every week! I only have two siblings and we get together as a family maybe twice a year, if that. I hope your back gets better by Saturday! I was going to say that I've never had back pain after a run, but then I think about how I feel the next morning after a long run ... yep, back pain. Some stretches and a warm shower generally get me moving. Coffee helps too ;) I know I need to work on my posture during a run -- I'm sure it'll help my breathing not being hunched over. Too many things to think about while running!

  4. I always love seeing pics of your family. It always amazes me just how big your family is! As an only child, I can't imagine how fun it must have been growing up with so many siblings!

    I hope your back is getting better. Back pain makes everything miserable! I hope yours is just a postural issue and nothing more serious.

    Your twin makes such beautiful cakes! She is quite talented!

    April in Georgia

    1. I can't imagine being an only child! I never got bored, that's for sure. Today my back is finally starting to feel better. I really think It was posture related. Guess I'll find out at my race on Saturday!
      I wish you could taste her cakes, they're amazing!

  5. I definitely get back pain like that if I let myself sag. Now I'm a lot more conscious of checking my form every few minutes to avoid that because it can be miserable post-run! Hope your race goes well this weekend!

    1. I'll for sure be more aware of it this weekend! Thank you!

  6. You have such a gorgeous family inside and out! How blessed your parents must feel! I hope your back feels better x

    1. Thank you Jess, you're so sweet. It's finally feeling much better!


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