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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Horse Capital Marathon Recap

I know this recap is a week late, but my week sure didn't go as planned. Spending every moment with my sister and niece in the hospital was way more important!

I decided to run the Horse Capital marathon, instead of the half. I knew I had to decide one way or the other, before the race, so I could be prepared mentally. Thank you all for your encouragement, and even your concerns. I so appreciated all of it.

Margie (who I ran the Indy Women's half with last September) had also signed up for the full marathon. She signed up a year ago, thinking she would train for it, but she never did.
 She still wanted to do the full, if we could do it together. So, two people running a marathon, untrained. Although I would say I was more trained for it then her. September was her last half.

 We met for dinner Friday night at Olive Garden. I'm not too big on pasta, so I got salmon instead. It was amazing. I carb loaded on ice cream earlier.

After dinner we went back to her house and talked for awhile, trying to get things all planned out for our marathon. I kept asking if she's SURE about this! I honestly felt responsible for her. I knew I could finish it, but she'd never ran over 13.1 miles. What if she got injured or something, and it was my fault! But she insisted.

These things save my life during marathons!
We woke up at 4:30 Saturday morning, got ready to go, I ate my peanut butter and banana sandwich, and we headed out at 5:30.
 It was really strange, but I wasn't very nervous at all. I was more nervous for Margie. She was surprisingly calm too though.

We lined up right behind the 5:30 pacer. I'm hoping we can stay with him, knowing it won't happen though. I suggested we stay with the 6:00 pacer, but in the end we just decided to do our own thing.

At 7:00 we were off!
I felt so good. I was excited about doing another marathon, I was feeling confident, and ready to have a good time.
 The course is pretty hilly, and it rained off and on. The rain felt pretty good though. The weather was perfect. It was cloudy and around 60 at the beginning. It never got much hotter, and the sun never came out either.

It was a beautiful course. Horse farms everywhere. Absolutely beautiful.

The half marathon split was at mile 10. I told her this is it! Does she want to go our separate ways? Nope, she wanted to keep going. Are you SURE?? Yes. Ok, let's do it!

As far as we could see, we were the only ones who didn't split off at the half. It felt like we were alone on the marathon course.
 I was still feeling great. I was so excited at this point, knowing I was really doing the marathon!
Around this time, Margie started running behind me, instead of beside me. She would walk when I would walk, and run when I would run. I was constantly looking behind me making sure she was still alive!

We did see a few marathoners pass us, but as far as I knew, we were still ahead of the 6 hour pacer.
Until...I realized around mile 15, the sweep van and cop car were BEHIND US.
Yep, we were in last place. That is a very weird feeling.

At mile 17 I turned around to check on Margie and she was limping. I waited for her to catch up, and as soon as she did, she crumpled. She would've fallen if I hadn't caught her.
 She had a leg cramp. At that point she decided to call it quits.
That was hard for both of us. We hugged and cried, and I said goodbye.

I had mixed emotions at that point. My first thought was HECK NO, YOURE NOT LEAVING ME IN LAST PLACE. I was a little mad. Not mad at her, just at the situation.
 That frustration definitely fueled me to give it my all the next few miles. I was able to pass 2 men (Yea, that felt good).
 After that, I was totally alone. No one in front or behind me. Just me and the horses.
I was never able to make up too much ground. One of the two guys I passed ended up quitting, so I finished in second to last place.
My time was 6:28.

Even though it sure didn't go as I planned, something happened that I wasn't expecting to happen. I fell in love with the marathon again.
 My worst marathon experience ever, and I realized I love this distance. I never ever thought I would say that!
 I will definitely be looking for a fall marathon this year. A flat course though, no more hilly marathon courses!

Margie was still able to get a half medal

 The day after my marathon, I couldn't even tell I had run the day before, let alone 26.2 miles. Of course I'm sure that's because of my pace, but that was still pretty great.
I feel like I'm leaving out so much of this experience, but I've still got some packing to do for Honduras, so I have to run!


Friday, May 27, 2016

An update and getting ready for Honduras

Thank you all SO much for your comments, emails and texts regarding my sweet niece. They all meant the world to me.
Her brain surgery was Monday. It lasted 6 hours and she did really well.
 Watching her come out of recovery killed me. It was the hardest thing in the world. You just want to crumble and break into a million pieces, but you stay strong for her. I can't imagine what Annie and her husband were going through. It kills me watching my niece go through this, I can't imagine if it was my child.

 Tuesday morning they did an MRI and confirmed that they had completely removed the tumor, and there was no foreign matter left in her brain. Everything that the tumor had been pushing against, had already moved back into its right place. God is so good.

 She will have to have chemo and radiation for a year, but they expect the cancer to never return.

This girl is a fighter, for sure. I can't even fathom all she's gone through and still going through.
I can't wait until she's back to her cheerful, bubby self.

Today is my last day as a nanny, and with my sweet girls. I've had the oldest since she was 8 weeks old, she's now almost 5. And my baby girl, I have grown to love her with all my heart. She makes me so happy. Today will be a hard day, saying goodbye. Too much sadness for one week!

Monday I leave for Honduras for a month. Something else that will be hard to do.
I am so excited about going, but it's going to tear me apart leaving my twinnie and my niece right now.
There truly is a bond between twins, that you can't explain. We can feel what the other one feels. It's crazy. It's amazing. My heart hurts for what she's going through.

 But I'm going to get through these next few days, and then the next month, and the next year.
 My precious friend April said this last marathon I ran served a really important purpose. She said it showed me just how tough I really am.
 I couldn't do it on  my own, God gives me strength!

Have a good weekend, my friends.
P.S. I promise my race recap will be up on Monday!


Monday, May 23, 2016

When the world stops turning

Yesterday I was going to start working on my race recap from my marathon on Saturday. But then everything changed.
 I got a call from my twin sister, asking me to come stay with my 8 and 11 year old niece and nephew, while she and her husband took my 13 year old niece to the hospital.

 She had been having dizzy spells, double vision, headaches, fatigue, etc.
After about an hour, we got the call, letting us know she had a brain tumor.

You can't put into words the emotions and feelings that come when you hear something like that. It's like you're in total shock. Then slowly it begins to set in. It is heart wrenching.

I immediately thought of this song, "I need you Jesus, to come to my (her) rescue". All I could do was say His name. And cry.
 It's so hard to understand, you ask why, but there are no answers. This same little girl also has diabetes, so she deals with that every day, and now this.
 My twinnie just went through heartbreak a little over a year ago when she had a miscarriage. She's been through so much. I wish I could take it for her. But I know God is giving her peace and strength.

At this moment she is having an MRI. The Dr did say it was in a 'good' place.

I do still plan on doing a race recap. there is so much to tell about my race. And I need the distraction of writing about it.
 Just like Saturday when it got hard, when I wished the sweep van would come pick me up, but I kept going. Nothing could make me quit.
 There is something about pushing through, fighting when you want to give up, and then realizing you're stronger than you thought you were.


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Will this be half #23 or marathon #6...

I'll get to that question in a minute.

Yesterday I took my girls to the zoo. For the last time. But I'm trying not to think about only having one week left with them.

Hair drama. I went back to a lady who I went to twice last year. I always liked her and she did a good job.
After the bad experience I had with the Groupon salon, my hair has looked horribly brassy and gold. Then I went and cut off 7".
So I told her I wanted blonde highlights. And I asked her to even up my hair, where I may have missed some places.
Well, I came home with brown hair. No highlights to be found. At least she removed the brassiness. Oh, and I look like a mushroom now. I give up.

Tomorrow is the Horse Capital half and marathon.
About a month ago I bought a bib from someone who got injured, so wasn't able to run. I just assumed it was for the half.
Well, a couple days ago I finally looked at the email she sent me and it said marathon.
Imagine my shock!!

So, now I'm debating doing the full, because I don't want to pay to switch it. Honestly, I know I can do it. It won't be pretty, but I know can cross the finish line before the 6:15 cutoff.
 Even though I'm confident of that, I'm still worried. My last full was in December. My longest distance since then has been lots of half's, but no longer than that.
I am not trained for a full. What if I crash and burn at mile 18. Maybe I'm not so confident after all...

 Everyone says this distance is nothing to play with, and I know that.
It's such a mental game, I have to go into it knowing I can run the full. I can't give myself the out of turning off at the halfway point. I have to get my head into it, if this is what I decide.

I want to do it.
I don't know why. After my last one I said none in 2016, if ever. But suddenly, I want to do this. It's crazy, and scary and spontaneous. Everything that I love.

Feel free to give me your opinions...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Honduras... I'm going back

In 1.5 weeks (May 30th) , I will be on a plane flying to Honduras by myself, for a month. A whole month!

As I've mentioned, my nanny job ends at the end of the school year, so I've been wanting to do something huge, before the next phase of my life starts. Then this opportunity came along.

I will be an intern for an American missionary couple who lives there. They have 4 babies under the age of 18 months living with them, and they also have a couple kids of their own.

I will be helping to care for the babies (heaven!), then one or two days a week I will go to the school to be a teachers assistant. Once a week I'll take one of the babies to the old folk's home and we'll visit with them. The old folk's home is more like an orphanage for old people. Relatives drop them off, and they are never seen again, they are all very lonely. So naturally, babies bring them a lot of joy.
 I'll also help with cooking for different mission teams that come in. Oh, and I'll be able to go to the beautiful beach some too.

I was there 4 years ago for a week, and had an incredible time. Here's a few pics from that time.

In case you can't tell, I had a baby obsession back then too. Not a day went by where my heart didn't break. When you see so many unwanted orphans, and you would give every breath in your body to have just's very hard.
 Jeremy asked me if this trip will be hard, because I will be around all those babies again. I told him that every day is hard. Every breath is hard. This will just be another day. But I know it will be very fulfilling too, and I will be very, very happy!

The people I'll be staying with have a lot of property there, with a few other families. I'll have my own cabana, with wifi. So I'll still be able to keep in touch and hopefully blog.
 I'm hoping they have a place I can run too! It would be hot runs though, their temps are in the 90's and humid. If I'm not able to run for the month, that'll be ok too. That just means more time lovin on the babies.

 Have any questions? Feel free to ask me anything!


Monday, May 16, 2016

The race that wasn't, and a small change

Saturday I was supposed to run the Horsepatty half marathon. Buuuut...I didn't.

It's Jeremy's fault. He talked me out of it! :)
But I later agreed that it was probably for the best.

Why, you ask?
1. It's a 2.5 hour drive each way.
2. It was supposed to be cold and rainy. Meaning I would have a long drive home in cold, wet clothes- miserable.
3. The RD sent out an email saying to beware of stray dogs, mean roosters, coyotes, and other creatures. (That just added to the excitement for me!) The course was on country roads.
4. It was a tiny race, so I probably wouldn't be missing out on too much.

I did look at the results, and this year there were actually 4 people who did it. Come on, they doubled in size since last year!
 They had another half that started 2 hours earlier, and that one had 40 participants.

I still got a run in though. It was a chilly day, and I was not happy about digging out my winter running clothes again! This weather is crazy.
I had a great run. Again, in a new to me park. It was beautiful.

I do have another half on Saturday, the Horse Capital half. I did this one last year, and I can't wait to do it again!

As for the small change...I cut all my hair off. Yes, I cut it. I'd been considering getting it cut for awhile, and finally just got to a point where I couldn't wait anymore. (Even though I have a hair appt. Thursday!)
 I took out my kitchen scissors and chopped it off. After the first snip, I freaked out a little. But it was too late, I had to keep going.
This was before, very damaged and dry. No amount of argan oil or conditioning treatment helped:

And after:

I'm still getting used to it, but I think I like it.
Interesting enough, Facebook sent me this memory the day after I cut my hair.
That's a lot of hair cut in the past 6 years!

So, that was my exciting weekend. Tell me about yours!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Eyelashes, froyo, and a great run

Happy Friday!
This has been a super busy week, I'm glad it's almost the weekend.

The only running I've done was 9.2 miles on Saturday. I took it nice and easy, and really enjoyed it. Lately all of my long runs have been races, and then I have races the next 2 weekends, so I just wanted to slow down and enjoy this run.
 I started out in the park I always run at, but instead of turning around at my usual turnaround, I kept going for a few more miles. I am so glad I did! There were some beautiful sights and I found a new (to me) park that I can't wait to run in again.

Monday night a few of us took my Mom out for Mother's Day dinner.

L-R My sis in law, and brother. (Baby due in June) My nephew and oldest sister, me, Momma, my niece (twinnie's daughter), and my youngest brother.

I went to Ulta for the first time. I could easily spend $1k there, and love every second of it.
Running clothes and makeup, that's all I need to be happy. Well, and ice cream.
I found a girl who loves makeup and eyelashes as much as I do. I'm 20 years older than her, but I'm pretty sure if I had a daughter, it would be her. We are the same. (She may be my daughter in law someday, ya never know) She even loves ice cream/froyo almost as much as I do.

Tomorrow I'm running the Horsepatty half marathon. Remember, the one with only 2 participants last year? Yea, that one.
 I actually know 2 people doing the full, so I'll be able to run my half with them. (The full starts at 8, the half starts at 10)
 It's supposed to be rainy and cold- of course! But this is a race I've never ran, it's 2 hours away, so it'll all be new to me. I love running in places I've never been, or even ever heard of!

Have a lovely weekend, my friends!

Friday, May 6, 2016

5 Things Friday!

I hope you guys had a great week! Here's 5 things from mine...

1. I went back to spin class, after not being able to go the past few weeks. It was great. The instructor, who I hadn't seen before, was tough. Just the way I like it. My legs were sore the next day, which doesn't even happen after my half marathons! I convinced a girl who I hadn't met yet, but we're Instagram friend's, to come with me, and she didn't even say she hated me after it was over, so that's a success!

 2. I got to spend some time with one of my beautiful sisters, and my sweet nephew. I absolutely adore each one of my 6 sisters. There is something so special about each one of them.
 We literally sat at her kitchen table and cried for 30 minutes as we talked about orphans. Then she says something hilarious, and we forget all about the ache in our hearts, because we can't stop laughing.
Of course this boy makes everyone smile!

3. I had the homeless look going on!
 It may not look too bad in the pic, but I wear my hair straightened 99.9% of the time, so this once when I let it go au natural, woah mamma, I felt like my hair was one giant frizzball. But it sure was a lot easier and took way less time than usual!

4. Ok, has anyone else lost a toenail? I've been running for 4 years, and that has never happened.  I thought I was one of the lucky one's. But, apparently not. This is the grossest thing to ever happen to me. Just keepin' it real...

5. This is the last time I will ever have to help childcare kiddos make Mothers Day presents. It's a hard thing for me to do. Ok, it's real hard. I love sharing her joy in doing this. But man, it sucks.

I actually don't have a race tomorrow, so I plan on going for a long run, and then watching the Derby.

Have a great weekend!!


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ky Derby Mini Recap

Saturday I ran my 22nd half, the Kentucky Derby mini marathon. It was a very rainy and wet race, but at least it was fairly warm. I ran it last year, in the very same conditions!

 Let's start with the expo...
I was planning on going Friday morning. I dropped the 4 year old I watch off at preschool, and then the baby and I headed downtown to pick up my packet.
Now, I loathe driving downtown. I don't go unless I have to, it stresses me out!
I drove around for about an hour and could not find where I'm supposed to park, then I couldn't find a parking place. If I was alone, I wouldn't have minded walking a mile to the expo, but since I had the baby, I didn't really want to do that.
 I finally decided to ask a friend to pick up my packet, because I had to get back and pick up C from preschool.

Friday night I stayed with Amanda, Julie and Lindsay. Amanda and Julie were doing back to back marathons, the Derby full, and the Flying Pig. Lindsay was doing the Flying Pig full. Those girls are amazing!!

Saturday morning we woke up at 6, got ready, and then headed out the door. It was so nice to be able to walk to the start line.

The day started out cool and cloudy, perfect weather.
On the way to my corral I ran into BJ, and then a little bit later I saw Darrin. I love meeting blog/Instagram friends in real life!

At 7:30, all 16,000 of us were off. There was no rain for my first 5 miles, and I was HOPING it would last, but it wasn't meant to be.
The rain started, and it didn't stop once. It wasn't a heavy downpour, so that was nice. It was just a light, steady rain. And since it wasn't cold, I didn't think it was too bad.

I honestly thought I was doing really good. It's a super flat course, so I hardly walked at all.
I walked through the water stops, and on a couple small hills, and then a couple times towards the end, but overall, I mostly ran. So, because of that, I thought maybe I'd come close or even beat last years time of 2:33.

My favorite part of this race is running through Churchill Downs on the infield. It was so cool to see the horses and jockeys out there practicing, even in the rain. Loved it!

Because of the rain, I didn't get any pictures during the race.

I ran into my favorite Rebecca, (or Belle) on the course. I had been so worried about her running injured, but she pushed through and killed it!

Jeremy was able to be at the finish line again, so that was great! I really appreciated him standing out in the rain waiting for me. :)

My finish time was 2:39. I was so disappointed.
That was 2 minutes slower than my Carmel half, and this course was much flatter. Maybe the rain slowed me down, but I didn't feel like it did at the time.
 So, I was bummed about that. But I still had a great time, got to see some sweet friends, and I got to run, which always, always makes me happy!

Christie and Darrin

And cream from Chick Fil A. Because ice cream.

I love this race. Love the volunteers who stood out for hours in the pouring rain, cheering us on.
Loved everything about it. Hopefully next year it'll be dry!


Monday, May 2, 2016

Proms, a huge burger and a wedding

I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but often around this time of year, I think "if I have to see one more prom picture on social media, I'm gonna scream."
But...then my stepsons went to prom, and now I get it. So here's my contribution.

Matthew's senior prom Friday night

L-R My nephew, my brother, and Matthew
Yes, my nephew and brother are super tall, and Matthew is short

While the boys were at prom, us parents went out in their limo!

We went to Mussel and burger bar. I very rarely eat burgers, but I'd heard this place has the best around, so I had to try it. I got the Argentinian burger. It's true, best burger I've ever had.
Great way to carb load!

Look at that thing! It almost doesn't look real.

After dinner, the limo dropped me off at the hotel I was staying at with some friends, for the race on Saturday. They were already in bed when I got there (party animals), so I quickly got ready and was asleep by 10:30. Which means I was totally rested for race morning. Yay!

I'll recap the race tomorrow.

After the race, I got home and helped Jonah get ready for his friend's prom. It's sooo much easier for guys to get ready then it is for girls, as you know.
He was ready in about 5 minutes!
I'm so proud of my cute boys!

Sunday we went to a gorgeous wedding, which Jeremy performed. He has now performed the wedding for this girl, and her sister. He's been their 'big brother' since they were just babies, so it was really special.

Her colors were silver and Tiffany blue. There were mints in the Tiffany boxes. Such a beautiful wedding.
And that, my friends, was my jam packed, non stop weekend.

Tell me about yours!!

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