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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Horse Capital Marathon Recap

I know this recap is a week late, but my week sure didn't go as planned. Spending every moment with my sister and niece in the hospital was way more important!

I decided to run the Horse Capital marathon, instead of the half. I knew I had to decide one way or the other, before the race, so I could be prepared mentally. Thank you all for your encouragement, and even your concerns. I so appreciated all of it.

Margie (who I ran the Indy Women's half with last September) had also signed up for the full marathon. She signed up a year ago, thinking she would train for it, but she never did.
 She still wanted to do the full, if we could do it together. So, two people running a marathon, untrained. Although I would say I was more trained for it then her. September was her last half.

 We met for dinner Friday night at Olive Garden. I'm not too big on pasta, so I got salmon instead. It was amazing. I carb loaded on ice cream earlier.

After dinner we went back to her house and talked for awhile, trying to get things all planned out for our marathon. I kept asking if she's SURE about this! I honestly felt responsible for her. I knew I could finish it, but she'd never ran over 13.1 miles. What if she got injured or something, and it was my fault! But she insisted.

These things save my life during marathons!
We woke up at 4:30 Saturday morning, got ready to go, I ate my peanut butter and banana sandwich, and we headed out at 5:30.
 It was really strange, but I wasn't very nervous at all. I was more nervous for Margie. She was surprisingly calm too though.

We lined up right behind the 5:30 pacer. I'm hoping we can stay with him, knowing it won't happen though. I suggested we stay with the 6:00 pacer, but in the end we just decided to do our own thing.

At 7:00 we were off!
I felt so good. I was excited about doing another marathon, I was feeling confident, and ready to have a good time.
 The course is pretty hilly, and it rained off and on. The rain felt pretty good though. The weather was perfect. It was cloudy and around 60 at the beginning. It never got much hotter, and the sun never came out either.

It was a beautiful course. Horse farms everywhere. Absolutely beautiful.

The half marathon split was at mile 10. I told her this is it! Does she want to go our separate ways? Nope, she wanted to keep going. Are you SURE?? Yes. Ok, let's do it!

As far as we could see, we were the only ones who didn't split off at the half. It felt like we were alone on the marathon course.
 I was still feeling great. I was so excited at this point, knowing I was really doing the marathon!
Around this time, Margie started running behind me, instead of beside me. She would walk when I would walk, and run when I would run. I was constantly looking behind me making sure she was still alive!

We did see a few marathoners pass us, but as far as I knew, we were still ahead of the 6 hour pacer.
Until...I realized around mile 15, the sweep van and cop car were BEHIND US.
Yep, we were in last place. That is a very weird feeling.

At mile 17 I turned around to check on Margie and she was limping. I waited for her to catch up, and as soon as she did, she crumpled. She would've fallen if I hadn't caught her.
 She had a leg cramp. At that point she decided to call it quits.
That was hard for both of us. We hugged and cried, and I said goodbye.

I had mixed emotions at that point. My first thought was HECK NO, YOURE NOT LEAVING ME IN LAST PLACE. I was a little mad. Not mad at her, just at the situation.
 That frustration definitely fueled me to give it my all the next few miles. I was able to pass 2 men (Yea, that felt good).
 After that, I was totally alone. No one in front or behind me. Just me and the horses.
I was never able to make up too much ground. One of the two guys I passed ended up quitting, so I finished in second to last place.
My time was 6:28.

Even though it sure didn't go as I planned, something happened that I wasn't expecting to happen. I fell in love with the marathon again.
 My worst marathon experience ever, and I realized I love this distance. I never ever thought I would say that!
 I will definitely be looking for a fall marathon this year. A flat course though, no more hilly marathon courses!

Margie was still able to get a half medal

 The day after my marathon, I couldn't even tell I had run the day before, let alone 26.2 miles. Of course I'm sure that's because of my pace, but that was still pretty great.
I feel like I'm leaving out so much of this experience, but I've still got some packing to do for Honduras, so I have to run!



  1. Yay! I was looking forward to your recap and it didn't disappoint! I'm so glad you persevered and did the full. It was great that the race organizers gave Margie a medal too :)

    I know of a full that's on a flat course in November ... in Indianapolis ... just sayin' ;)

  2. I am so impressed with your strength & ability in running. That 26.2 is just 'normal' for you now? SO INCREDIBLE! You are amazing!
    I can't believe your friend tried it without training. Whew - what a brave soul. Glad she dropped out though & didn't push herself any further.
    & who cares what place you came in - you stuck with a friend & helped encourage her - AND YOU FINISHED. You are a better than the person who came in first place in my books.

  3. It just blows me away how you could do the full marathon and have no soreness the next day! That's amazing! Isn't in crazy how you trained less and loved this marathon most of all? I guess it just goes to show that we never really know how our bodies will react to something until we try it.

    Do you think you'll be comfortable with less training now?

    April in Georgia

    1. It was the same way with my marathon in December, no soreness the next day. Both of those were at a much slower pace, so I wonder if next time, when I give it my all, if I'll be sore the next day.
      If I ever do another marathon at the last minute, I'll feel comfortable with less training. But I really want to get better and faster, so I WANT to train right, to be able to do that. Thanks April!


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