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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Will this be half #23 or marathon #6...

I'll get to that question in a minute.

Yesterday I took my girls to the zoo. For the last time. But I'm trying not to think about only having one week left with them.

Hair drama. I went back to a lady who I went to twice last year. I always liked her and she did a good job.
After the bad experience I had with the Groupon salon, my hair has looked horribly brassy and gold. Then I went and cut off 7".
So I told her I wanted blonde highlights. And I asked her to even up my hair, where I may have missed some places.
Well, I came home with brown hair. No highlights to be found. At least she removed the brassiness. Oh, and I look like a mushroom now. I give up.

Tomorrow is the Horse Capital half and marathon.
About a month ago I bought a bib from someone who got injured, so wasn't able to run. I just assumed it was for the half.
Well, a couple days ago I finally looked at the email she sent me and it said marathon.
Imagine my shock!!

So, now I'm debating doing the full, because I don't want to pay to switch it. Honestly, I know I can do it. It won't be pretty, but I know can cross the finish line before the 6:15 cutoff.
 Even though I'm confident of that, I'm still worried. My last full was in December. My longest distance since then has been lots of half's, but no longer than that.
I am not trained for a full. What if I crash and burn at mile 18. Maybe I'm not so confident after all...

 Everyone says this distance is nothing to play with, and I know that.
It's such a mental game, I have to go into it knowing I can run the full. I can't give myself the out of turning off at the halfway point. I have to get my head into it, if this is what I decide.

I want to do it.
I don't know why. After my last one I said none in 2016, if ever. But suddenly, I want to do this. It's crazy, and scary and spontaneous. Everything that I love.

Feel free to give me your opinions...

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh gosh... I wish I had great words of wisdom but I think it just comes down to what you want to do. You know you can do a half & enjoy it - but do you want to push yourself for the marathon & risk burning out? I think you're right, if you put your mind to it, you will do it. You've been keeping up running & I dont think its not impossible... but I just dont want you to hurt yourself. You know your body the best. & maybe its just one of those things where you wake up & you'll just know what to do. Regardless, have fun on either path 13.1 or 26.2 - I'll be waiting for your IG pic to go up & i'll be one of your biggest fans however it goes :)

    ... bless your heart with your hair... that is so frustrating. You're due for a magical hair stylist to step in & wave a wand over your hair & make it the best hair yet!

  2. I doubt you look like a mushroom! You're a beautiful person inside and out, no matter what the hairdo is. :-)

    Regarding your decision, I think it's all about how bad you want it, you know? The will to do something is such a powerful thing. But at least you are an experienced runner, and you know what you're in for. But I definitely wouldn't want you to risk getting hurt. Especially with Honduras right around the corner. You're right, it really is such a mental thing.

    I can't wait to see what you decide. :-)

    April in Georgia

    1. You're so sweet, April. It's really a mess. I think I'm gonna shave my head and buy a wig. :)
      I do know what I'm in for, and that does scare me a little! But I'm excited too!

  3. If this was your first, second...maybe even third marathon...I'd probably might not want to. But the fact of the matter is...this is a distance you are familiar with and know the ups and downs that come with a marathon. I don't think you're undertrained at all. You may have only run up to 13.1 miles (but...more than once for sure!) since December, but you have the training under your belt and the endurance and I think the drive and want for this marathon. Maybe this is what you need.

    In the end, it is your decision and if you go the distance...good for you. And if you decide to stick to a half marathon...good for you. In the end, it's up to you and how you feel and how prepared you believe you are.

    The marathon is all mental. It really is. And it sounds like you are in a good place to get through this. Weigh the positives and negatives and go from there. But in the end, whichever you do, have fun and enjoy!

    1. Thank you so much for all of your encouragement and help with this, Karen. I'm pretty sure I know which one I'll choose, but no matter what, I will have a good time!!

  4. I can totally commiserate with the hair drama. I've yet to find a stylist I want to go to a second time. Hopefully it's not as bad as you think it is! :)

    I'm not qualified to give you an opinion on the half vs. full debate ... mainly because I'm so looking forward to my 1st full. Since you've been keeping up on training with long runs anyway ... but then again, if you think you might burn out ... but you're already registered for the full and you're certain you can make the cut-off ... see? I'd probably go ahead and do the full but make sure I kept to regular intervals -- even increasing the walking interval times as the course goes on. Whatever you decide, good luck!!

  5. I'm going to be the first I guess to say no to the full. i don't doubt your shape or your heart or your mental toughness. I'm thinking about recovery. You'll make it through the race fine but how quickly will you be able to recover afterwards? Especially with a pretty significant trip coming up? Our bodies can easily fool us into thinking we're recovered but I'd be worried you won't have the opportunity to stop and rest like you should and end up with some lingering cold or random injury which would totally suck in Honduras. Just my 2 cents. You're a boss btw for being able to even consider both :)

  6. If you have not had any injuries in the past 18 months, finished Indy back in November 2015 under 6:15 (you did) and consistently run every week...Go for the full! You have mentioned several times that long distance running does not leave you sore whereas Spinning does. Training for a marathon can be a big mental drain game. Maybe not having that 12-18 week period will be the "Wall Factor". Go with your heart. Good luck with any decision you make!

    1. Thank you so much for your advice, Nikky. I gotta say, it was kind of nice not having to do super long runs every week, that I would've been doing in training. Everything turned out fine, but I'll definitely train next time!

  7. Lace up those shoes and kick some ass princess :)-

  8. I can completely relate to the hair drama! I bet you still look gorgeous!

    I bet those gorgeous kiddos will miss you!

    And I think you will kick ass in whatever distance you choose. You are a running legen in my book!


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