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Friday, June 10, 2016

Beach day and was that an earthquake??

I am currently writing this in the dark. The electricity went out. Again. Unless another miracle happens and it comes back on soon, that means another night with no ac. This is very discouraging. But I'm trying to stay positive.
Most people here never have ac, at least I get it when I sleep. Usually!

Let's talk about good stuff!
Today we had a mucho needed beach day. We were there for about 5 hours. (It was the family I'm staying with and me.)
We went to a beautiful resort about 30 minutes from here. I can't describe how calming and peaceful it was to just sit by the ocean and watch the waves.
The girls had to convince me, but I finally got in the ocean. Not too deep though!


Walking on the beach

The pool looked pretty from a distance, but it was filthy!
Obviously it didn't have a filter. Got out as soon as I realized that.

You had to drive on this tiny sandbar to get to the beach.
Scary as heck!
That van got stuck in the sand.

I was determined not to get burned. I just wanted a tan. So I used lots of sunblock, reapplied it almost every hour,
and guess what? I'm burnt to a crisp!
 It's because we're so much closer to the equator here, the sun is much much stronger. My SPF was 30, I should've used a 50!

 For most of the day we were the only ones there. The reason is because no one can afford it. Although it's only $7 US money, and that includes a free lunch!
 There are also no birds, no seagulls, no nothing. It's very quiet, except for the waves, and quite strange.

 There are 2 Honduran girls (in their 20's) who work in the house here for E & R., named  Lillian and Emy.
They invited me out to dinner tonight with them and their husbands!
They told A that they really like me. How sweet is that!?
I was really surprised they asked me because we hadn't communicated much at all. They speak VERY little English, and
I speak VERY little Spanish. (I think I know 5 words.)

I talked to R about it and asked her if they're going to take me off and kill me or something! Ha!
 But this week we have been communicating with Google Translate. That app is a Godsend!! We've also been teachng each other words. So that's been fun!
They all will be picking me up this evening, one of the husbands has a car. Which scares me too, because these drivers are crazy! No speed limits, everyone passing everyone...eeek!
 But it'll just be another crazy adventure!

Update: Still no electricity, 8 hours later.
Last night I had just laid down in bed, and closed my eyes. All of a sudden my bed slightly shook. I opened my eyes, thought that was weird! Maybe I'm just imagining things....
 I closed my eyes. My bed shook again. This time I sat up fast. Oh my gosh, someone must be under my bed! But I don't want to look! Oh man, what am I gonna do? I'm in this cabin all alone, I'm gonna have to kill the person on my own!
 I decided it was just my imagination. It was a mixture of my exhaustion, heat stroke (haha), and being partially deaf from 4 screaming babies. I had to rationalize it.

So I tried to go back to sleep. About an hour later I get a text from A asking if I felt the shaking (she was scared too), then a bit later she found out it was an earthquake! It was 6.4 just to the south of the Honduras border, in Nicaragua.
 Gahhhh!! This has been the craziest trip of my life.



  1. Of COURSE there's an earthquake while you're there! How crazy has this trip been!?!?!?
    I still am loving your hair.
    Glad you got a little break to relax!

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