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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Honduras mission trip

Hola from Honduras!

Today is my 2nd full day here, and I guess you could say I'm adjusting.
My first night here, the electricity went out, and stayed out for 24 hours. So that was kind of crazy.
There is no AC here. I have a unit in my bedroom, but can only use it at night because it's so expensive.
 So no AC or fans my first night, and it was around 90 degrees. It was tough!

Most of my day is spent at the house watching 4 babies. The people I'm staying with have 2 Honduran women who help them out during the day. So we all watch babies and do some cooking and cleaning. 
My day gets started around 7:30 am, and I'm usually back in my cabin around 8 pm.
I do take a break in my cabin when the babies are napping.
It's hard, it's overwhelming and it's very, very hot. Yesterday I had a crazy heacache all day. I'm sure it was from the heat and having no caffeine whatsoever. (Coffee! Diet Pepsi!!)
But I'm not complaining, this is not about me. The couple I'm staying with live this life every single day.

Today I went to the school and basically just watched the lady I'm staying with, teach a class. Again, no AC! Those kids probably don't even know what that is. Every day is well into the 90's and humid.
 They have elementary school from 7:00-12:00, then high school from 1:00-5:00.

I have decided to just stay 2 weeks, instead of a month. With all that is going on with my niece, I just can't be gone that long.

That's all for now. Here's a few pics!

The lady I used to nanny for sent some toys for the babies.
They were so happy!

My cute cabin, my sanctuary

Gorgeous view outside my cabin

The kids love having their picture taken

It's amazing how many kids can fit on these bikes (Scary!)

We packed about 15 kiddos into
our SUV so they didn't have to walk home.
If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask me. I am learning SO much!


  1. The heat and humidity in Central America is no joke!! I remember going there a few years ago and be overwhelmed by it. And the local people never even broke a sweat!

    How many kids were on that bike?! It's impressive how over there people are willing to pile up on bikes and in vehicles so everyone gets to ride. They want everyone included.

    The babies are adorable. :-)

    April in Georgia

    1. Right, I never see the local people even sweating!! How do they do that? Haha!
      I think maybe 3 on the bike, I'm not real sure. It's crazy, they stuff as many people as they can into pickup trucks, cars, donkeys, whatever!

  2. What an awesome experience! Hopefully you'll get used to the lack of AC before too much longer. Does it rain much there? The photos look amazing -- but I can totally understand why you'd cut the trip short. Hope all is going well with your niece!

  3. I bet by the end of 2 weeks, you'll be so much more acclimated to the heat & humidity - you'll be ready for more marathons in the heat :)

  4. Such an awesome experience. I travelled through Thailand many years ago and I will.never forget the killer headache I got day two.because of the heat and humidity and no caffeine! Rough!

    1. Oh, so that is what it's from then. Thankfully that was the only one I've had!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Mark. I'll be sending you an email as soon as I get a sec!

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