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Monday, June 13, 2016

Honduras photo dump

Here's some random pics from the past 2 weeks.

Some gorgeous flowers on the property

One of the babies first birthday!
Celebrating with a piƱata.

Riding a Moto Taxi. There were 5 of us crammed in this thing.
Pretty scary, but exciting!

A and I. She's a KY girl too!

One of the classrooms at school

My lip got sunburned. It is now blistered and swollen.
There is no smiling or laughing going on.
It's hard to even talk! Lesson learned: always wear spf chapstick

I woke up at 5 am one morning and saw the sun beginning to rise.
Hard to tell in the pic, but it was beautiful.

Coconut water from a coconut. I don't like
coconut water sold in the US, but this was really good.

We went to a nearby pool for a few hours.
So beautiful!!
Today I will be spending the day with a mission team who just came down yesterday. We're going to San Pedro Sula. I'm not real sure all we will be doing, but I do know we will visit an orphanage. I'm gonna try to sneak out one of those babies. ;)


  1. Your lip looks so painful! I hope it heals up soon.

    I love how you're finding so much natural beauty there, like the flowers and the sunset. And the taxi looks fun! The work you're doing is so meaningful. I can't wait to hear about today!

    April in Georgia

    1. It healed up after a few days. It was the craziest thing ever!
      Thank you, my friend! ♥

  2. OHHHH MYYYYY GOSSHHHHh - lips are so sensitive anyways... hope they heal up soon.
    YIPEE for KY girls :)

  3. OUCH!! Sunburns are awful, but I bet that's even worse. Never had my lips get burned, but I am the SPF chapstick girl, LOL!! Sounds like you're having an amazing adventure. have a great time today.

    1. Believe me, I'll never forget spf chapstick again. Ha!

  4. Ouch ouch ouch! That looks painful ... but the flowers and sunrise looks pretty amazing. :) I always forget about putting SPF lip balm on until I'm already outside and running or walking. Hopefully it healed quickly!

  5. What an incredible experience! (Except for your poor lips). Love your posts!


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