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Friday, June 24, 2016

My niece, weight loss update, and I'm leaving again!

Happy Friday!

 When I got back to the US, the very first thing I did was visit my sweet niece. At the time she was on her very last day at the rehab hospital! (If you missed her story, read here.)
Just to see her laughing and smiling again, indescribable. She is now back home. She's been practicing walking again, and is doing so good. She can now walk if someone is beside her. Truly a miracle.

 On Monday she, my twinnie and I will be heading to Chicago for 6 weeks. She will be starting radiation and chemo treatments, and they invited me to go along.
 I am beyond excited! I'm so glad I get to be there with both of them as they face this new challenge.

We'll be staying in a Ronald McDonald house. Which is SO cool, because they are the one's I raised funds for and ran the Chicago marathon for 4 years ago! Never could I imagine that someday my family would be needing their services.

 The house we'll be staying in is absolutely beautiful. Twinnie said they have a big freezer stocked with free ice cream for the guests. She said volunteers bring in lunch and dinner, so there is always lots of delicious food.
 This is only a problem because since March I've lost 17.5 lbs., and I still have 20 to go! I can't be gaining it all back in 6 weeks. With access to all the ice cream I want...this will be hard!!

And of course I'm excited about exploring the area, and finding places to run. We'll actually be about 30 minutes outside of Chicago, but it's just a short train ride away if we want to go downtown.

Next time you hear from me, I'll be in the Windy City!



  1. I'm so glad you are going with them. You'll be a bright spot of happiness in a scary time. I'm sure you'll be so busy helping out & encouraging, that the food wont even be an issue. & a treat every now & then will be much deserved :)
    Praying for your niece & her treatment!
    Keep the updates coming!

  2. So much love for this post. I am glad that you are headed to Chicago with them for the treatments. Don't worry so much over the weight and food. You'll be more active than you think, even if it's not running. I rarely workout when I am on trips and I end up losing weight, despite eating whatever I want ( long as it is gluten free and vegetarian)...because I am on the go. You'll be the same way, I bet. Besides, it's always nice to have a treat every now and again. You don't even look like you have 20 pounds to lose. You already look amazing.

    Have a safe trip. Let me know when you are around and we'll do that dinner!!

    1. You're right, hopefully I'll stay so busy that I'll be able to lose weight without actually 'trying'. Thanks girl, I'll definitely let you know when!

  3. Yay! So glad she's doing better! :) How neat that you'll be staying at the RMcD house too! Maybe this might lead to another Chicago Marathon ... ? :) I've only flown in/out of Chicago and drove through on our way to Alaska -- I've never had a chance to spend time there but hopefully you'll be able to explore while you're up there. I don't know if I could be trusted around all-you-can-eat ice cream ... so good luck to you there and many prayers for your niece as she starts this next stage in her healing!

  4. So great that you will be going with you sister and niece. Chicago should be a really fun city. The museums, Shed aquarium, the zoos, Navy Pier, running along the lake, etc.

  5. Oh your sister must be sooo pleased you are going with them. Such a stressful thing to go through your support will be invaluable!

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