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Thursday, June 30, 2016

RMH and the ice cream freezer...

We are all settled into our home away from home for the next 6 weeks. The Ronald McDonald house is SO nice. It's like a very nice hotel, except everything is free!
 There is a catered dinner every night, provided by volunteers. The pantries and refrigerators are stocked all the time. There's an abundance of food and drinks.

It's so pretty here!
On our way down we had to make a stop at Starbucks, and then of course take a selfie.
Hello, Mr Ronald McDonald
Kristin's treatments are going well. This week she is only getting radiation, next week chemo will start as well. I'm debating shaving my head with her...ya never know!

We go for a walk every night, as that lessens the side effects from treatment. She still walks a little slow because her left side was affected from the brain surgery. So, it's like her left side has to relearn to walk. But she's doing SO good. Her therapists and doctors are so impressed. She's a fighter, and a tough cookie!

Remember the ice cream freezer for the guests that I told you about? I wasn't sure how I would be able to resist it.
Well, here it is.
Thank goodness it's not what I was expecting. This is totally resistable. Maybe I'm an ice cream snob, but I just can't do generic ice cream.
 So, the weight loss continues on!

I've been going on some awesome runs. No better way to explore a new city than to run through it. I'll talk about those next time.



  1. When my oldest was born he was premature and had to be taken to Vanderbilt for an extended stay and we were fortunate enough to get to stay at the RMH. And they are great!!! This is the charity that I always donate to. I know what it goes for and there isn't any big corporate salaries that are being paid with my donation. Best of well wishes to your niece.

    1. That's so neat that you got to stay in one too. Yes, definitely a great place to donate too. I just might run Chicago for them next year! Thank you Kelly.

  2. This looks amazing -- what a great support/resource for families having to go through this treatment! She is so fortunate to have her mom and you with her during this time. And yay for you on the ice cream discovery! I would have been so tempted too ... until seeing what was available. :)

    Hoping for successful treatment for your niece with minimal side effects!

  3. I hope your niece has only mild side effects and continues to do really well with the treatment. Thankfully she has you and her Momma by her side. I can't imagine how you all must be feeling. Xx

    1. Thank you, Jess. I'm so glad we're able to be together for this. It does make it a lot easier!

  4. That's so nice they do dinners from volunteers. Makes such a difference.
    Makes me want to go to our local RMH & volunteer.

  5. So wonderful that you are there for your twin and niece. I know they love having you. I am an ice cream snob too - I prefer Ben &Jerry's (by the full pint).

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