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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Stories from Honduras

I really wish I had the energy to blog every night, because every day there is so much I want to tell! But after listening to 4 screaming babies for 12 hours, and many other difficult things, I can barely make it to the shower at the end of the day.
 But here's a few stories.

I know it's a little hard to see, but see the girl in the pink dress? She's probably about 4 or 5. Her mom came to the gate of our children's home, asking if she could leave her daughter, so that she could go work! By 'leave her' she meant for good!!
Our director told her no, they don't allow that. That poor little girl had to stand there and hear the whole conversation, her mom asking if she could leave her. That just breaks my heart. Knowing she's just a nuisance and her mom is trying to get rid of her. If only I could've taken her back to KY with me, I would've. It is just unreal the 'mother's' who do that sort of thing. Unreal.

One of the older boys here who was adopted into another family (there are 2 family's here, each with 3-4 adopted or foster kids), is 6 years old. When they got him off the streets a few months ago, he had over 2000 worms in his stomach!! That's what happens when you drink the water here.
 I'll spare you all the gory details, but he had to take medicine to paralyze the worms, then they all had to come out, you know how.
If you don't take the medicine to paralyze them, and you just take the medicine to kill them, they know what's happening, so they will come out any open area on your body that they can, trying to escape. So you have to paralyze them first, so that they can only come out one way.
 I'll end this story by saying they came out of this poor boy, alive.
 It's sad that the poverty is so great that when they do have money, they don't want to spend it on filtered water, they want to spend it on coke or something that will make them feel full.

A 7 year old boy here also came a few months ago. He had never brushed his teeth. They were all rotten. He was also breastfed until he was almost 7!!
His mom was on drugs, so he was addicted to drugs too, and because of that, always wanted to nurse, so she let him. Breast milk is terrible for teeth, so that, along with not brushing created a disaster.
 Thankfully his new mom and dad take him to the dentist. They don't have the laughing gas here, so they just go straight in with the big needle to numb it, which is incredibly painful.
But, pretty soon his adult teeth will come in, and they'll all be perfect.

Then their is the sweetest baby here. He is 11 months old, but looks about 4-5 months old.
He was found abandoned in a cave, with his hands and feet tied. They found his mom who had mental issues (obviously), and she said she left him there, like that, to rid him of evil spirits.
He was born premature, so she thought he was possessed.
This boy is the sweetest, happiest baby ever. Oh, I love him already. The other 3 girl babies here scream at the top of their lungs non stop, all day long. Not even kidding.
 But not this kid. He just happily plays with whatever he can find, always giving everyone a smile.

Sorry to share these sad stories, but that's life here. Everyday I hear something else that just shocks me and breaks my heart.
I'll try to find happy stories for my next post!


  1. Oh my gosh - how much happens in the world that we just aren't aware of in our happy little places.
    My heart is broken for all these babies.
    WORMS! Oh my gosh - so I have to ask - do you just drink bottle water? Do you take medicine to prevent things like that happening to you?
    You so need to find a way to bring some of these babies home with you!

    1. I have a hard time even thinking about this kind of thing happening all the time. I want to go back to my happy place, because this is too heart wrenching!
      Yes, only bottled water. Even for brushing teeth, we never use tap water for anything. I think the only prevention is just not to drink it, not sure that there is medicine to prevent it.
      Believe me, I want to bring one home so bad!! (A non screaming one. Lol)

  2. Man, this post blows me away! Of course, bad things happen all over the world, but hearing about things from someone seeing them every day really makes things real. As a mom, it's so disturbing to see how easily these children are cast aside! I'm sure this experience is a life-changing one.

    April in Georgia

    1. Seeing it really proves to me how real this is. When you don't see it, it's easy to 'pretend' it doesn't really exist. Disturbing, indeed. I have no doubt this will be life changing!

  3. These stories just break my heart!
    I know outside the US things are different and it's a different way of life. But it's still sad that some kids have to suffer.
    The poor girl in the pink dress, I wish you could take her home with you, even if her mom keeps here I have a feeling she's got a long lonely rough life ahead. I almost wish she could give her away in the hopes someone great could take her.
    And that sweet baby boy left.. heartbreaking!
    I think I told you once my aunt adopted 2 babies from China, well one of the girls was found disgarded in a dumpster, the other was left on a doorstep. It just amazes me that a mother could be so heartless as to just leave their kid to die. I've already decided there is a special place in Hell for them, probably the same place as anyone who hurts a child.
    Oh my you must be exhausted, but sounds like your still really enjoying it all. Those babies are so lucky to have you, even if just for a month!!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thank you so much, Nikky. I'm realizing how selfish I actually am though!
      Yes, the beauty of this place masks what it's really like.

  5. How utterly heartbreaking ... all children deserve a life of happiness and feeling loved. I can't imagine what you must be feeling and going through to see these children firsthand.

  6. Oh my goodness I would have cried when that mom tried to drop her kid off because just like you I want kids so bad, but don't know that it will ever be in the cards for me, and that baby boy. Oh I would be trying to fit him in my suitcase.

  7. Your posts are so heart wrenching but beautifully written. It makes me want to adopt them all. I would love to adopt as well, my husband would probably never agree. If we had.The money and the space I would take so many kids in.

    1. Honduras has thousands and thousands of kids in orphanages, but the government makes it impossible for them to be adopted. Some Hondurans are able to adopt, but no one internationally. It is so heartbreaking. If I had the money I would too! Thank you for the compliment, Jess.

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