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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thankful for another day!

Tuesday I went to the school with A, who teaches English there. (A and her husband also moved here from KY and live in the cabin next to mine, with their 3 foster kids)

I remembered from my last Honduras trip how different the kids were here than from the US kids. And it's still the same. They stand up and say "good morning" when the teacher enters the room. They always look you in the eyes and say hello and smile. They're just polite, respectful kids.

They spend the first 20 minutes before school cleaning, raking leaves, sweeping, etc.

A. told me about a little boy in her class (I believe he's 5th grade). She said one day he came to her and said how embarrassed he was to tell her this, but he and his 4 other siblings had no food.
 One morning the family woke up, and the mom had just disappeared. This was a few months ago. And she hasn't been back.
 Interesting how in the US when someone disappears, it can be all over the news, fliers posted, frantically searching for the missing person. But not here.
Here the mothers just get tired of raising their kids, and dump them with relatives, or not even that, they just leave.
It still amazes me how anyone could do that.

A.'s 3 kids lived on the streets before she and her husband got them, and her 12 year old foster daughter overheard the conversation with the boy and her mom. Her daughter just started bawling. She said she knows exactly what that's like. She knows what it's like to be hungry. So hungry that you throw up. She said it's the worst kind of pain.
 She told her mom we have to do something for this family. This family with 5 kids and now a dad left alone to raise them, with his struggling job.
 The mission group here was able to give them some food and connect them with a church that has a food pantry. I just love that because of what this 12 year old has gone through, she now has a heart to help others going through the same thing.

Food here is dirt cheap. For instance, the government quit providing snacks for the kids at school. (They say they no longer have money for it, but the government is so corrupt, we know they do and are keeping it for themseleves.)
For a whole lot of these kids, that school snack was their only food of the day. A lot of them are obviously malnourished. We all are just heartbroken for them.
Some of the kids are able to afford to bring snacks from home, or buy them at the store. Those kids share their snack with the kids who have nothing.
 I've never seen anything like it, you guys.

We figured out it would only be $20 a day to provide a snack for this school!! $20 a day! (I think they said around 250 kids)
I would so pay that. And I know a lot of people who would.
The team here is going to try to figure out if that's possible and if it could be done.

Let me add, these kids are still happy and smiling. All they have for recess is a soccer ball to kick around, no nice big playground, or anything like that. And they're still happy. Amazing.

Drinking my first water in a bag! Bags are more affordable than bottles. I think this was under ten cents.

Today we're going to the beach, finally! This is the day I've been waiting for. Just the family, no screaming babies. So it should be nice and relaxing. And hopefully I can get a little bit of a tan. I mean, I can't come back to the US still white as can be!

One last thing, last night before dinner A.'s husband prayed over our meal. He thanked God for "another day to serve you".
Bring on the tears. (Yes, I cry a lot!) I hadn't thanked God for that once. I thank Him that I only have 7 days left, I thank him for helping me get through another day. But I hadn't thanked Him for another day to serve. I would think living in a place like this, it would be hard to find anything to be thankful for. But they are still thankful.

 I would say that shifted things for me. I live in a palace compared to these people. I eat the most decadent foods. I am living like a king. Everyone I know is living like a king, and don't even realize it. And we did nothing to deserve it. We just happened to be born in a first world country.
 I will never look at things quite the same way again.

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  1. Oh my gosh. Perspective is huge. I dont think twice about food. I throw so much food out a week that rots because we dont get around to eating it. I feel like a horrible person now. But its just what we're used to here - luxury - & dont even consider it luxury.

    Can someone set up a GoFund me page or something where people can donate $20 - you get a few people to do that & help the school for a bit? Like your friend that is there, do they stay there permanently? Could she take care of the seeing the money is spent on the right things & not letting the government get involved? ... maybe something to think about.

    I actually like the idea of bags for water instead of bottles. All that plastic wasted. But I guess you've seen over the days how much waste we have in the US compared to countries like that.

    & that the kids are still more polite & respectful - that always just makes me so sad for the kids in the USA that have no idea what 'without' truly is... .not just missing out on the next video game or latest cell phone.

  2. This is amazing, Katie! I've done several mission trips to Central and South America and it completely changed me for good. So cool that you can be there!

  3. WOW. Girl, this post is so moving and full of emotion. Seriously...when you read this it really puts things into perspective. We all live in this world where everything may not be easy...but it's easier. Kids are being raised to be terrors and with nothing...the kids who should be angry at the world...have the biggest hearts and respect. WOW. Thank you for posting during your journey.

    1. Exactly right, Karen. It was so eye opening. Unfortunately a lot of these kids grow up and join gangs. And that is why Honduras is the most dangerous country in the world. It's just so sad. :(

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