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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Things I will never take for granted again!

Since I've been in Honduras, I've been realizing some things I will never again take for granted.
Here's my list:

What more can I say? I truly cannot live without it, and I will always be grateful for it from now on.

2. Coffee
I can't tell you how much I miss my morning coffee. They do have coffee here, but it's just way too hot for me to drink it.

3. Diet Pepsi
Oh, how I miss you! My sweet new friend, A., brought me a diet pepsi and a diet coke, because she couldn't remember which one was my favorite. (Diet pepsi)
I think my huge hug scared her a little.

4. Exercise
There is nowhere to run here, and it is WAY too hot to run outside even if there was. I miss going for a run, I miss spin class, I miss being able to do any kind of exercise. I will never take that ability for granted again!

5. Regular toilets
No toilet paper in the toilet, it has to go in the trashcan (gross). The schools basically have port a pottys.
6. Fixing my hair
Weird, right? In Honduras, everyone just pulls their hair back, including me. I haven't fixed my hair in 2.5 weeks and I miss doing that!

7. My dishwasher No dishwasher here. Washing dishes for 9+ people is a lot!

My eyes have really been opened to how blessed I am. I also now realize how strong missionary's are. They give up all of these things I take for granted every day, to live this life. To rescue children, teach them about God and show them love they otherwise would never know. They are truly selfless. My prayer is to become like that.
Today I am traveling home. It will be a long travel day (5 hour layover in Atlanta), but I'm going home!


  1. Mission trips are always eye opening...
    to know you get to come home to all these luxuries that we don't really take as 'luxuries' - but to the people that are staying behind where you're leaving? Total luxury.
    So glad you are heading back our way... though the heat down there must miss you because its MISERABLE here today... its following you.

  2. The thing is, all of those things are what the people of Honduras are probably used to, you know? I grew up without A/C (lived further north and not much global warming then) but once I moved away to college, I became accustomed to it and made sure I always had it. For a missionary to willingly give up their comforts for any amount of time (be it 2 weeks or 2 years) to serve the Lord, I think is selfless and something we should all do at some point. Safe travels today!

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    1. Nikky, I really appreciate your comment. I've heard pretty great things about those toilets in Japan too! Thank you so much for lifting me up! :)

  4. You are a beautiful, amazing, inspirational lady. Taking this trip with you, through your blog, thoughts, photos, etc has been so eye-opening. I couldn't even imagine being there and seeing and feeling the things you have. WOW. Seriously. You are an inspiration. I have been enjoying reading your thoughts, seeing photos and videos, and being aware that these creature comforts that are every day for us...are honestly first world things. And they are luxuries elsewhere. Your journey has been a blessing and great way to draw attention to poorer countries in this world. Some we would never even give a second thought to. I know it's been hard to not run or workout, but you've been in constant motion. Your body will remember. You're home...and you'll get back into that routine. The changes you made there...were more important than the miles you could have put in. You made a many people can honestly say that? Thank you, for taking us on your journey and allowing us to see a place that many of us never gave a passing thought to otherwise. Seeing your growth through your blogs and images has been amazing. Settle back in...and let's talk about having that dinner sometime soon. I'll even cook if you want!! ((HUGS)) Thank you for being a beautiful light in a dark world.

    1. Karen, thank you for your kind words. Thank you for your encouragement through all of this too. They have meant the world to me. Hugs!

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