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Friday, July 29, 2016

5 things Friday!

Time is just flying by, here at the good ole Ronald McDonald House. Make it slow down!

Here's 5 things from my week...

1. My beautiful sister came to see us. She's the one who lives in Wisconsin, so we don't see her often. But since she's only 2.5 hours away from Chicago, there is no reason not to get together! (We'll be heading her direction next weekend)

How adorable are my nephews! It just kills me that I can't be a part of their daily lives, that they have to be reminded of who I am, but that's just life. I cherish every moment I do get to spend with them.

2. I love love love makeup. I just recently discovered Sephora and Ulta, I don't know why it took me so long. My life will never be the same.
 I had a giftcard to Ulta, and knew I wanted to try out the new contouring kits.
This stuff is awesome. I'm not yet a pro at applying it, but I'm having fun trying. (Thanks to a lot of YouTube videos)

3. Another love of mine...Goodwill. There are so many around here.
My twinnie found these booties for me. They are brand new from Target, and were still tied together with the tag attached. I love finds like this! I can't wait to wear them.

4. My sweet niece is doing really good. So far she really isn't having any side effects at all. (Besides losing her hair) She has days where she is more tired than others, but overall she feels good. #thankyouJesus

One night when we should've been sleeping, we were
playing on Snapchat (katiefictm)

5. As I've mentioned, my running goal this month is 100 miles.
As of today I'm at 95!! Tomorrow I'll run 10, and then possibly 5 more on Sunday. So I'm going to surpass that goal! I'm so excited. I've only ran 100 miles in a month twice, and I've never gone over that.
 It's easy to get all these runs in with the beautiful views around here.

Volunteers come in every night and make dinner for everyone in the house. A few times a week a group comes in to make cookies. These were made by some girl scouts, and one of them left the sweetest card.

That's it for me, have a lovely weekend!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Visitors and a symphony in the park

We had a busy weekend with lots of visitors and activities!

 A friend of my twinnie's came to visit for a few days.  She is also a runner, so she and I went for a run Friday morning. Even though it was hot, I ran my fastest pace since being here. Running with someone makes such a difference. It's easy to talk so much that you zone out and forget you're even running. It was wonderful!

Saturday night the 4 of us went to Symphony in the Park. It was amazing.
I've been to a few symphony in the park type of events, there is nothing better than sitting under stars listening to this gorgeous music, with good friends. (BTW, this is the only time I listen to this type of music!) They played some Fiddler on the Roof, loved it!!

My twinnie with her BFF

On Sunday my parents, and Annie's other 2 kiddo's came to see us again. We really didn't do a whole lot, just enjoyed spending time together.

I have the sweetest niece's and nephew's!

Sunday was Braedon's 12th birthday
So glad we got to celebrate with him

My Daddy is the best

We had to introduce them to Lou Milnati's. They loved it. Even my mom, who isn't much of a pizza fan. I sure will miss Chicago food when we go back home. (Although my waistline won't!)

 My dad is an incredible photographer, I had fun playing with his camera. I look like a professional, right? ;)

See that little tiny muscle in my arm? (Or is that fat...)
I've been working these baby's out like crazy!

Monday afternoon the fam went back to KY.
2.5 more weeks until we're all together again.

As for my 100 mile goal for July, I am now at 81 miles! I'm so excited, I haven't ran this much in almost a year. I love it!

Have you ever been to a symphony?

Friday, July 22, 2016

A minion, a hot run and a pool workout

Happy Friday!

 Since being here in Chi, all the days feel the same. Sometimes I can't even remember what day it is, because they're all the same! But they're all good for sure.

I know it's hot everywhere right now. I'll never complain about the heat because I'll take it anyday over snow and cold weather. But goodness, it's hot!
 This morning I went out for a 5 mile run, and only made it 2 miles. I had to finish it on the treadmill. I even got started a little earlier (7:30), but it didn't help.

Another beautiful park I found
Let's talk about hair.
As you know I recently cut off 7". Well now I'm wanting to do more.
My hair is very hard to handle. It's super thick and wavy.
A few days ago I was mindlessly talking about how much I loathe my hair, when it hit me; at least I have hair to hate! I had to apologize all over myself to K, for complaining about my hair, when she just lost all of hers.
It was one of those moments you wish you could go back and redo, but ya can't. Of course K is SO sweet, she just laughed and thought it was funny!

I'm thinking about cutting my hair off and wearing wigs too. They're just so much fun! And I can support my niece at the same time...

Kristin had therapy in the pool yesterday, and I got to join her. I love a good pool workout!

Last night was also craft night! I am terribly un-creative, so I had to find some inspiration on Pinterest for my clay pot. My minion still turned out a little creepy. But we had fun!

These boys are the sweetest, most polite boys ever!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

IF I were to cut my hair...blonde or brunette wig?
Have you done a pool workout?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A boat ride and a race I forgot about

As of today, we have 3 weeks left at the Ronald McDonald house. The first 3 weeks just flew by!

Every day after K's treatment we try to find something fun to do. Even if it's just a walk around a 'new to us' lake. Jut something to get out of the house.

We went on a Paddlewheel boat ride in St. Charles. It was interesting to hear about the history of that area.

We went to a salon and K got her hair shaved and her new wig styled.
That was another hard moment for me. Of course I would not let her see me tear up, but goodness it was hard to watch her long hair fall to the ground.
But she loves her new wig, and a new hat that she got, so she's happy as can be.
 And the most beautiful girl ever!

Over the weekend Annie's hubby and Jeremy came to visit us for a couple days.
We went to eat at Giordano's, and had some incredible pizza. Look at all that cheesy goodness!
Lou Malnati's still has my vote though.

BBQ Chicken pizza
Kristin loved having her daddy here. She is a Daddy's girl for sure!

Watching some Tim Hawkins

I took Jeremy on a little tour of the town. Have I told you I could SO live here?
 Well, I couldn't deal with their winter's, but other than that, these little Chicago suburbs are amazing.

I love bridges!

Somehow I totally missed this 5k race I had signed up for! It was in town here, and I just totally forgot about it. Sad! At least my money went to a good cause.

I'm still on track for running 100 miles this month. I'm at the halfway mark, so 50 more to go!

Have you ever forgot to run a race you signed up for?


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ice cream on a hard day

I know July is almost half over, so it's a little late to be setting a goal for this month. But hey, better late than never.
July goal- Run 100 miles this month
The last time that happened was October of last year. It's only happened one other time besides that.

I've been running 6 days a week since being here at the Ronald McDonald House, so I'm going to push a little bit more, and make it to 100!
 This morning's run was 5 miles, and I barely missed the storm.

I will do this!

So, you guys know I love my ice cream. We found out that a little bakery right down the street from us started selling ice cream. It's made in Wisconsin, so it has to be good (since I have a sister who lives there)! We had to go check it out. Of course my twinnie loves ice cream as much as I do.

 Up until now my favorite ice cream was Blue Bell, but this one has now taken over. It is amazing!!

Today was a hard day.
Kristin started losing her hair. She's only had 1 chemo treatment so far, but her radiation is 5 days a week, so apparently it's from that.
 I am guessing that she probably lost about 50% of her hair.
It's hard to even write this without crying. It's just so unfair.
She has really long hair, so it seems more noticeable as it falls out.

 She cried, we cried (when she wasn't around), it was just sad.
But we stay very positive to her. She has a couple wigs that will be here soon, we tell her how much fun that will be. She bought a hat she likes, which she looks totally adorable in. And of course we always tell her how beautiful she is, with or without hair!

 Tomorrow we'll be going to get her a cute, short haircut. (She's not ready to shave her head yet)

Out for our nightly walk

Tomorrow K's daddy (and Twinnie's hubby) and my hubby are coming to visit for the weekend. Hopefully we'll get to go into Chicago to do some sightseeing!

 Have a great weekend!!


Sunday, July 10, 2016

A beautiful long run and some popcorn!

This weekend I went on the most amazing, beautiful long run. Annie and I went to St James Farm Forest Preserve. I ran 7 miles, while she walked 5.
 It was so beautiful, I had to stop and take a lot of pictures along the way.

Kristin's favorite thing to do is to go shopping, and since I found out there was a Garrett's popcorn shop in the mall, I didn't mind going too much. #ihateshopping
And of course I would do anything for her!

Jeremy and Annie's hubby are coming to visit us this weekend, so I wanted something new to wear. Sorry, I can't spoil the surprise and say which one I chose!
I did get my popcorn, and was pretty happy about it. :)

Then yesterday afternoon we drove around looking for something to do and found another lake with some trails. (There are SO many trails around here, it's unreal!)

 This girl (my niece) is so amazing. I hate that the first 13 years of her life I didn't spend much time with her. That really makes me sad. We live in the same town, and I'd see her once a week at our family dinner, but we didn't talk a whole lot. Now we've been together 24/7 for 2 weeks, with 4 more to go, and I'm finally learning who she is. She is so special.
 Her treatments are going good. She does have some side effects, and generally doesn't seem to feel very good.
 It's extremely hard watching her go through it all. I would trade her places in a second if I could. But God is getting us all through it!


Thursday, July 7, 2016

5 Things Friday- Chicago Food and more

Here's a few things from my week. I'm sorry if most of them revolve around food!
I'm still determined to keep off the 17 lbs. I lost. It's been hard because there is so much food here at the House. I'm still running every single day, so I hope that's helping.

1. Let's start off with some pizza. Lou Malnati's pizza. Everyone said this is a MUST while we are here, and they were right. The pictures just don't do it justice. Absolutely the best pizza I've ever had. SO MUCH CHEESE. I had a hard time eating even one piece, it was so thick!

2. We also heard that County Farm Bagels was the best around. I can't say that I've ever been to a bagel shop, so I have nothing to compare it to, but it was pretty freakin fabulous.

3. Smallcakes Cupcakery. The owner of this shop brings in boxes of these every couple weeks.
Ronald McDonald House has helped her out when her child was battling cancer, so this is how she gives back. She donates her best cupcakes to the guests here. There are no words to describe these.

4. We got a suite! We had a very nice room for a week, then a couple days ago they asked if we would like to move into a suite. Ummm...yes please! 5 more weeks will be much easier in a suite than in a room.

5. I miss this sweet baby! My nephew was born right before we left. I can't wait to kiss his cute face again. This smile!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!!
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