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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A boat ride and a race I forgot about

As of today, we have 3 weeks left at the Ronald McDonald house. The first 3 weeks just flew by!

Every day after K's treatment we try to find something fun to do. Even if it's just a walk around a 'new to us' lake. Jut something to get out of the house.

We went on a Paddlewheel boat ride in St. Charles. It was interesting to hear about the history of that area.

We went to a salon and K got her hair shaved and her new wig styled.
That was another hard moment for me. Of course I would not let her see me tear up, but goodness it was hard to watch her long hair fall to the ground.
But she loves her new wig, and a new hat that she got, so she's happy as can be.
 And the most beautiful girl ever!

Over the weekend Annie's hubby and Jeremy came to visit us for a couple days.
We went to eat at Giordano's, and had some incredible pizza. Look at all that cheesy goodness!
Lou Malnati's still has my vote though.

BBQ Chicken pizza
Kristin loved having her daddy here. She is a Daddy's girl for sure!

Watching some Tim Hawkins

I took Jeremy on a little tour of the town. Have I told you I could SO live here?
 Well, I couldn't deal with their winter's, but other than that, these little Chicago suburbs are amazing.

I love bridges!

Somehow I totally missed this 5k race I had signed up for! It was in town here, and I just totally forgot about it. Sad! At least my money went to a good cause.

I'm still on track for running 100 miles this month. I'm at the halfway mark, so 50 more to go!

Have you ever forgot to run a race you signed up for?



  1. Ooops about the race - but at least you're still getting in the miles.
    That wig looks ADORABLEEEEE on her - looks so real! ... I can see with the hat on her head shaved - I think she can even pull off that look #Sassy
    I've always wanted to go see Chicago. Maybe we can do a girl's trip one day & you can be the tour guide since you're learning it so well :)

  2. Your niece is gorgeous. She looks fantastic. Love that smile. Chicago is one of my favorite cities and I love seeing you out and exploring. Makes me want to go back for sure. When I could eat pizza anywhere, Lou's was where the natives told me to go. Tried one other place, it wasn't as good. :-D Pizza is one of my favorite foods, for sure. So I take it seriously. HA!

    I have never forgotten about a race, but I have not showed up for different reasons. Sometimes weather. Sometimes injury. Sometimes not feeling good. I hate missing a race, but it happens!!

    1. Thank you Karen, I agree that she sure is! :)
      I think I'll have to bring one of Lou's frozen pizza's home with me. Pizza is def a fave of mine too!

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