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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Visitors and a symphony in the park

We had a busy weekend with lots of visitors and activities!

 A friend of my twinnie's came to visit for a few days.  She is also a runner, so she and I went for a run Friday morning. Even though it was hot, I ran my fastest pace since being here. Running with someone makes such a difference. It's easy to talk so much that you zone out and forget you're even running. It was wonderful!

Saturday night the 4 of us went to Symphony in the Park. It was amazing.
I've been to a few symphony in the park type of events, there is nothing better than sitting under stars listening to this gorgeous music, with good friends. (BTW, this is the only time I listen to this type of music!) They played some Fiddler on the Roof, loved it!!

My twinnie with her BFF

On Sunday my parents, and Annie's other 2 kiddo's came to see us again. We really didn't do a whole lot, just enjoyed spending time together.

I have the sweetest niece's and nephew's!

Sunday was Braedon's 12th birthday
So glad we got to celebrate with him

My Daddy is the best

We had to introduce them to Lou Milnati's. They loved it. Even my mom, who isn't much of a pizza fan. I sure will miss Chicago food when we go back home. (Although my waistline won't!)

 My dad is an incredible photographer, I had fun playing with his camera. I look like a professional, right? ;)

See that little tiny muscle in my arm? (Or is that fat...)
I've been working these baby's out like crazy!

Monday afternoon the fam went back to KY.
2.5 more weeks until we're all together again.

As for my 100 mile goal for July, I am now at 81 miles! I'm so excited, I haven't ran this much in almost a year. I love it!

Have you ever been to a symphony?


  1. Makes you want to get a camera, doesn't it? :)
    I fully support that decision :) haha

  2. I too run faster when people are there. Great job on your goal so close to 100.
    And more Lou's yummy....

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun lately.
    I went to a symphony once, when I was 15 and my friend signed us up to collect coats at their New Years party, LOL I was less than thrilled with her, but the after party had great food, LOL
    While I am a solo runner, I too have found if I am going to run with someone I prefer to run with someone who is a faster pace then me, it really does trigger that competitiveness inside and with the talking and fun it's hardly as painful as when pushing the pace up alone, that is for sure!
    I wish I had a super nice camera like that, maybe one day...

  4. You don't look fat at all. Sometimes a change to the routine is what the body needs to get over a plateau. I think you look fantastic. I love my Digital SLR camera. I need to upgrade it...I got mine in 2001. HAHA!! Poor thing has been through 15 years of wear and tear. But I love it. Photography is one of my passions. Just like food. HA!! And cooking.

    Speaking of still gotta come over for dinner sometime. When your life settles a little. Let's make this happen. We can even go for a run if you want. :-D

  5. You look fantastic! And really thin! Although I think you are gorgeous at all weights! Your niece looks really happy to so I hope she is doing well. Your twinnie definitely looks like your twinnie amazing! (I am sure to people who know you you look very different!)

    1. Thank you, Jess. You're so sweet! I don't feel like as thin as that picture looks, I think it's just a good angle! ;)
      Everyone thinks we look exactly alike. We get asked numerous times a day if we're twins!

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