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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Visitors, the zoo, a tower, and it's cold here!

Besides running, my favorite thing to do is to travel. I love traveling to places I've never been, I love history and finding out how places and things came to be.

 Here's a few things we've done since being in Chicago. (Well, a suburb of Chi)
We went to the top of the Millennium Carillon in the Moser tower. You can climb the 253 steps to the top, or ride the elevator. I wanted to climb it, but a staff person would have to climb with me, and nobody wanted to! So that was disappointing. I rode the elevator instead.

My beautiful twinnie and K
Of the 600 Carillon's worldwide, Naperville's is the 6th largest. It has 72 bells. They went off while we were in there, and they are loud!
 My parents and Annie's other 2 kiddos came to see us and spent a couple days here. So last night we went back for the moonlight tour. It was beautiful.

We all went down to the Naperville Riverwalk and walked around a bit.

Annie, Kristin and I went to see a movie in the park. It was fun, but FREEZING. It was July 1, and everyone was wearing winter coats and big blankets. We were shivering!

My dad, Annie's other 2 kiddos and I all went to Cosley zoo.

Zoo's always make me sad. Like these donkeys, for instance. They were walking single file, following each other back and forth, back and forth, right in front of their gate. As if they've lost their mind or something. So sad.

These pigs seemed to be living the good life though!

My parents and the kiddos went back to KY today. It was hard. And very sad. Lots of tears.
Hard on them being away from their Mom for 6 weeks, and hard on her being away from them.
 But their dad and grandparents are taking good care of them, I'm sure our remaining time away will go by fast.
 It's true that you really don't know how strong you are until you're put through the fire. My twinnie is the strongest person I know.



  1. I wish I loved to travel more.
    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE when its summer & its a night where you need jackets or blankets. The best! I'd love to do an outdoor movie like that.
    Glad you all are surrounded with a fun area to be in.

  2. Oh my gosh to need a jacket would be heaven - it is sooooo HOT down SOUTH!


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