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Monday, August 1, 2016

I did it!!

I cannot believe it's already August! I'm sure it's because I've been gone from home most of the summer, but it sure seems to be flying.

As I've mentioned, mid July I decided to make a goal to run 100 miles for the month. I've only done that twice in my 4 years of running, the last time being in October of last year.

Saturday morning my twinnie and I went to Cantigny Park, a gorgeous park that we hadn't been to yet. The weather was nice, not too hot, and we were just surrounded by beauty everywhere!

This was exactly where I wanted to finish up my 100 miles. I ended up with 8 for the day, making it 103 miles for the month!  I know many runners do that much, plus more each month, I hope to keep this up!
It was not always easy. I love running, but towards the end I was ready for a break. Even just for a day. 

I did it!!
As for Annie, she has started walking! In July she walked over 80 miles! Every morning we go out together and I run, and she walks. She's losing weight like crazy, and I'm so super proud of her!!

After finishing up our run/walk, we picked up my niece and went to the Morton Arboretum. This place is huge!! They have trees from all over the world. We decided to take a tram tour so we could see it all in an hour. We still didn't see the whole place, it's 1700 acres.

I saw LOTS of these signs though. Apparently they don't like runners. Maybe they think we can't enjoy it if we're running through it??

 As we were on the tram we passed this bench. We knew we had to go back and find it to take some pictures on it.  It was perfect for Kristin and this journey she's on.

 Now I'm thinking about August goals... I definitely want to do 100 again, maybe 105.
It's so tough getting in a lot of miles when I'm at home though. The main reason being in my town we have one tiny park to run in, and it's not that great. I do my long runs at a big park in Louisville, but that is the ONLY place I ever run, and it gets incredibly boring after so long.

This place has tons and tons of places to run. They have so many forest preserves, it's just unbelievable!

 But I'll make it work somehow. 



  1. You are inspiring me to do a monthly mile goal!!!
    You look so tiny on that yellow couch! :)
    I've never seen a sign that says "No Runners" _ that's just weird.

  2. Yay for reaching your goal! And an even bigger yay for inspiring your twinnie along the way! :) I wonder why they don't want runners going through that park -- unless it got to be too many runners and it was distracting the non-runners. Although ... think about all that carbon dioxide runners are breathing out and trees need that. Seems like the park would WELCOME runners for that reason! ;)

  3. Congrats on hitting your goal!! That is awesome.

    LOVE the picture on the STRENGTH bench. Perfect!

  4. Fantastic job! Looks so beautiful there!

  5. Congrats on the 100 that is awesome. Great job!


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