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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Weekend in Wisconsin

Happy Monday!

 It's hard to believe this is our last week at the Ronald McDonald House.
6 weeks has flown by. We head back home on Thursday, after Kristin gets her last treatment. That girl is ready to get back home!

On Friday I got to run with Lori. She lives here in the area, and we'd been trying to get together since I got here, so I was excited it finally worked out.
 She is training for her first marathon, Chicago, and is running for Ronald McDonald House!
 She'll be coming to Louisville next year for her first Ironman. She's amazing!

On Friday Annie, Kristin and I went to Wisconsin to spend the weekend with my sister and her fam.
It was so good to see them and all their kiddos again.

This is the newest little love, Marci. I adore her! I want a baby girl just like her.

We went into the town of Cedarburg and walked around. They took us into Amy's Candy Kitchen. I so bad wanted one of everything!

They are known for their caramel apples. I mean, look at these!

We got the Almond Joy caramel apple and we all shared it. That thing cost $12, and was worth every penny. And calorie. :)

They also took us to Hamburger Haus. This little place is known for their HUGE ice cream cones. A single scoop cone is actually like 5 scoops. Y'all know I loved that!

(Not my pic)
Marci wasn't sure what to think of it!

My brother in law is such a good Daddy to his kiddos!

I promise, one last pic! We stopped to take a pic of this house. It was on Extreme Makeover Home Edition awhile ago. Such a beautiful house! (Although it looks like they've let the landscaping go)

And that's it for my weekend. Of course you know I did some running while I was there! I'll talk about that tomorrow.

 What did you do this weekend?



  1. I'm sure you'll all be happy to be home.
    YIPPPEEE for your Ironman friend. You'll have to find her & cheer her on in October. I cant wait to volunteer again this year for that.
    That red/white baby bandana headband. SWOON!

  2. I'm sure you're all ready to be back home - but wow-wee those apples, candy, and ice cream!! Good thing you kept going with your running while up there - I wouldn't have been able to say no to all those treats. :)

    I always wonder about the people who live in the Extreme Makeover homes - do they still live there, did they change anything after the cameras left, and how do they manage the upkeep since most of the end-results were so much larger than what they were used to ... obviously the landscape duties weren't a top priority, but it still looks great! :)

  3. So glad you got some more family time in, but know that the rest of your family will be glad you are home soon.


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