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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Indy Women's Half Marathon Recap

Saturday I ran my 23rd half marathon, The Indy Women's half. This was my 3rd year running this race.

I had been stalking the weather for this race for awhile, and it looked like it was going to be exactly the same as last year- thunderstorms. I was praying it wouldn't get cancelled again though!

Jeremy and I headed to Indianapolis around noon on Friday. We stayed at the Marriot East, which was about 15 minutes from the start line. Before I get started on the recap, I have to tell you about this hotel.
 So, Jeremy is a little crazy sometimes. Ok, maybe more than just sometimes. ;)

 He goes into the hotel to check us in, and as the girl behind the counter, named Ebony, is looking up his name, he starts singing some Chaka Khan...Tell me something good...
 She says "well, you just earned an upgrade to the presidential suite"
What? Woohoo! We went from a regular room to the presidential suite, just like that!

Then a little bit later another guy who works there called the room and asked if we were going to be in there for the next few minutes, he had something for us. He then brings us up a fruit basket! (It also had several different granola bars in it.)

It gets better.
Jeremy had to run out to the store, so he picked up a Starbucks giftcard for Ebony just as a little thank you. When he gives it to her, she's trying to hold back tears...wait for it...she says "well, that just earned your name on the breakfast list". She was giving us the breakfast buffet, at no charge, normally $21.95! (Btw, they let him fix a plate to save for me to have after the race.) He told her of course she had no way of knowing this, but last weekend was our 10 year anniversary, and the next day, Saturday, was his birthday!

It gets better.
We then go to check out of the hotel Saturday afternoon, and the manager just happened to be in the lobby. Jeremy told him thank you, how excellent everything was, how awesome the employees were, and what a great time we had.
Then HE said "I want you guys to have lunch on me".
What??!! He gave us a free meal at their restaurant, the Skylight Bistro.

I can't tell you how amazing this burger tasted after my race!

It was absolutely amazing! They just went out of their way to treat us like royalty, for absolutely no reason. There is nowhere else I will stay when I'm in Indy from now on!

Ok, now to the race.
We get to the expo, and the first face I see is my girl Kim. I think I see her at every single race!

I woke up at 5:30, and an hour later Jeremy dropped me off at the Sheraton, near the start line. Surprisingly, it wasn't raining when I got there, although it was very wet.

The first few miles were dry, then around mile 3, the rain started again. This time in a torrential downpour. It lasted for about 8 miles. The last couple miles were just a few sprinkles here and there.

It seems like every race I run, it is raining. Not even kidding! It's so funny.
It honestly doesn't bother me though. Maybe I'm just used to it? When it's cold and raining, that's not fun. But a warm rain doesn't bother me. It definitely keeps me cool!

I did come close to wiping out a couple times though. Quite a few of the roads were horrible! Lots of potholes. When it's pouring rain, and there is a lot of standing water, it's easy to step into a pothole unknowingly!

Something happened to me that I had never experienced before. Right around mile 3, I get to the intersection, and the police officer isn't stopping traffic!! He's kinda just standing there, not doing anything! There was a lot of unhappy women, let me tell ya.
 As I got closer, the women just started putting their hands out, trying to stop it themselves. Thankfully the cars stopped for us.

Then that happened to me AGAIN at mile 11! I didn't pay attention to the street names, so I don't know if it was the same intersection or not.
 A few girls had stopped, and another lady and myself said we're not stopping!! So we got the cars to slow down and then stop. All while the cop is just standing there like he's clueless.

Other than that, this was an excellent race, as always! The volunteers were so amazing, standing out in the rain, cheering us on.

One thing I did wrong: I only brought one gel with me. I usually bring 2 for my half's. It was stated that there would be gel's on the course in 2 places, so I took it for granted that there would be. But... there were no gel's on course.
 I could really tell my body was missing that extra energy that it's used to.
Lesson learned, you and only you are responsible for your fueling. If there is some on course, great. But don't count on that, always be prepared.

Finally, after a very soggy run, I crossed the finish line in 2:38.
I promise, one of these days I'm going to get a PR of under 2:22. It will happen!

That is my average time for half's, so I was happy the rain didn't slow me down!
As soon as I finished I heard someone calling my name, and it was my precious friend Elizabeth. We met through my blog, and even though we've ran several of the same races, we hadn't been able to meet, until now. It was so great to finally meet her! (I know she hates pictures, so I didn't ask for one. ;))

The birthday man picked me up after the race, and we went back to our presidential suite. :)

At the finish line we got a food goody bag. How cool is that!

I love, love, love this race, and hopefully will do it for many years to come. Just please let us have good weather next time!



  1. Girl...let me come pace you to that sometime!! Happy to do it!

    1. Really? How about the Urban Bourbon? Although that one is hilly...

  2. And I got really excited and sent that through without the rest of it. HA!

    First of all...WHAT a great hotel experience. Sometimes there are even better benefits NOT staying at the host hotel. Congrats. What a nice treat.

    Also...Congrats on #23!! That's a huge accomplishment. I couldn't agree more about Indy's roads. They are awful. They have ALWAYS been awful...but even more in the pouring rain when puddles hide potholes. was definitely a wet race...but a fun one in the end. Congrats on your finish line!

    1. I do love staying at the host hotel for the convenience, but this made it all worth it. Thank you!
      I'm surprised they don't fix those roads. But yes, still an awesome race!

  3. I love that medal! I had an issue like the ones you had where the cop wouldn't stop traffic in a 10k. It was odd, but we got through the intersection.

    1. They have a butterfly medal every year, I love it too!
      That's crazy that you've experienced that too. Glad we all made it through.

  4. Service like that at a hotel makes ALL the difference. I love Jeremy went to get a Starbucks card for Ebony though - so thoughtful!!!
    I cant believe the cops didnt hold back the traffic - that's horrible!!!

  5. I think the cutest thing about this post is how you guys starting getting VIP treatment when Jeremy started singing that song at check-in!!! LOL. He must be quite the charmer! So glad you guys had such an awesome weekend, and congrats on #23, my friend! :-)

    April in Georgia

    1. He is definitely a charmer! It helps that he has a beautiful voice too! Thank you April!

  6. Wow, that is incredible! Love hotels like that, and it pays to be kind look at all the free publicity you just gave them and will likely continue to all because of the awesome experience they gave you. If I ever visited that area I'd be sure to stay there now too!
    Kind people make all the difference in life and are great examples to the rest of us to be kind because you just never know! Great story!
    (Note to self, sing at check in and see what happens, LOL LOL)
    Congrats on your race, you're really racking up the half marathons girl that is awesome! You'll get your 2:22 one day especially with the pace your at now, just a few modifications an it will be easy for you to hit it!!! Meanwhile you're still doing awesome!!! Congrats on your race and such a fun weekend!

  7. Love when just being a nice person has such great "consequences", that sounds like one seriously awesome stay. The Presidential Suite!? Sweet. Haha.

    Can't believe the cop wasn't stopping traffic! Then why are you there!? But glad cars were paying attention & slowing down // stopping as needed. I probably would say something to the race organizers about the officer. Not to get him in trouble but because they are paying lots of money for him to stand there, and make the race a safe place. Their needs as an organization need to be clearly communicated for the safety of all runners. What if a car hadn't stopped?

  8. That hotel sounds amazing!
    And I cannot believe they did not have all the traffic stopped.

  9. Yay! Loved your recap!! That was pretty amazing about your hotel -- I'd make a point to stay there every time too, with that kind of awesome service. I'll have to tell Matt to start singing at any check-ins.

    Not sure if this was the same intersection but I remember one police officer reading his phone while we passed him. He hardly looked up when we went by but traffic was stopped at that point anyway. This really was a great race (even with the rain) - so I hope to do it again.

    It was so great to finally meet you!! (and yes, I'm not a fan of photos - you get me!)

  10. Wow what an overall fantastic experience and congratulations on your race! I walked 10 miles for the first time recently and it took me so long. Made me think of you as you are always doing such as amazing distances!-

  11. What an awesome experience at that hotel for you two!!

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