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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New shoes, new gels, and a new job!!

It looks like I'm going to reach my 100 mile month goal again. This will be 3 months in a row!
 Setting this goal for myself has been so good for me. I love love running, but there's a lot of days I just feel like being lazy.
 But knowing I have to run 100 miles, I HAVE to get out there and run. Of course, I'm always glad I did it.
 One of those days I was not feeling it was this past Sunday. I never run on Sunday's. I do my long runs on Saturday, so always rest on Sunday.

I did 10 miles Saturday, but the month is almost over, so I needed to cram in a few more miles, meaning I needed to run 4 on Sunday. I put it off as long as I could, then I forced myself to get out and run.

I got to watch this gorgeous sunset during my run!

I got some pretty awesome new Brooks Pure Flo's! My favorite shoes evah!!

 I also got some new energy gel's. I went through a box of Honey Stinger's, which were great, but I was ready to try something new.
 I received a discount code from Indy Monumental (the half I'm doing Nov. 5th) for a box of Boom gels, so decided to give them a try. So many flavors! I tried the banana peach today during my 7 miler, and it was really good. Not as sweet as the honey stingers (good thing), and not as gooey as the GU's. Just perfect!

 And now for some wonderful news...I got a job! I'll be working in the call center of a bank. My boss wants me to start out there, and then he's hoping to promote me to another position where I'll be able to work in different areas of the bank. I'm really excited about working in banking again, I loved it when I did that years ago.
 I'll be starting October 17 (day before my birthday!).
I can't put into words how happy I am. After 10 years of being home with daycare kids; getting back into the real world, making new friends, actually making some money agin- it's going to be wonderful.
 This means I can sign up for more races, buy more running clothes... haha!



  1. Congrats to you on all the things :) Miles, yummy gels, job & NEW RUNNING CLOTHES in the future :) haha

  2. That's such great news!! I can't wait to hear about how the new job goes. :)

  3. Your daddy is happy for you!

  4. Congrats on the new job, that is awesome!!!!
    I really hope you end up loving it!!!
    Great job on the monthly mileage too, you rock!!!

  5. Yay - congrats on the new job! :) I was thinking about ordering some of the Boom gels but never got around to it. I may need to in order to practice fueling with them. When I've done the Monumental half, they always seemed to run out of gels by the time I got to that part so I'm hoping they're better prepared this year and for the full's route. Cute shoes and also yay on the mileage! Question - What does your tattoo say?

  6. Congratulations on your new job! Love the new shoes! I can't believe you did 100 miles again. That's amazing!!!

  7. Congrats on 3 hundred mile months and a new job. Cannot wait to hear how it goes.

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