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Monday, October 3, 2016

A concert and some time with my favorite girl

Happy Monday! (I can still say that for the next couple weeks, until I start my job. Hopefully even then, Monday's will still be happy!)

Friday I finished up my mileage for the month to reach 100 miles. Now that I've done this 3 months in a row, I know that I can do this every month. I'll have to figure out how to keep it up, even with working and going back to school (more on that later), but I know I can do it!

Friday night I went with my parents and a couple of my sisters, and nephew, to hear Eric Genuis. He is a world renown pianist and composer. And he lives in my town!!
 He is incredibly amazing, his music is just breathtakingly beautiful. He has a violinist and cellist play with him too. Check him out, if you get a chance.
 Btw, my sister Lily, who sings like an angel, actually sang with him once, at a private concert for Kevin James!

My nephew and I at the concert

Saturday I got to spend the day with my precious Kristin. Her chemo started last week, so she was feeling pretty yucky most of the week. Thankfully by Saturday she was feeling much better.
She had an MRI and bloodwork done recently, and everything came back PERFECT!! Praise God!
 I'll just be glad when chemo is done (next Spring) and she can go back to being a perfectly healthy 14 year old.

My favorite girl ever
Of course she wanted to go shopping! So that's what we did. We also went to see Sully. That was an excellent movie. I had no idea of everything that he went through after landing the plane in the Hudson. I knew he was a hero, and thought that was the end of the story, but it sure wasn't.
 I loved seeing that he's a runner too! When life was just overwhelming, he would run. Loved it!

Did you notice my hair is suddenly long? Yea, there's this magical pill you can take and it just grows overnight. I wish it was that easy! Cutting my hair so short was a huge mistake, so I got some clip in extensions. I have long hair again, and I'm happy. :)

Just so you know I'm not lying about Lily singing like an angel, here she is singing with her friend Jessie, at her church yesterday.

Have a fabulous week, my friends!


  1. ahh - I liked your short hair - but of course your long hair is beautiful too. The wonders of the world to have both ;)
    I'll be happy too when your sweet niece gets through with chemo. Little fighter!!!

  2. Your sister's voice is beautiful! Do any of your other siblings sing? So glad you got to spend some time with your niece!

    April in Georgia

    1. Yes, my oldest sister sings too. She is part of a band, they travel and they have a cd coming out soon!

  3. There you go being an awesome aunt:)
    I think being an aunt is the BEST!!!
    I'm a long hair girl, I sometimes wish I had the guts to cut it. But I would be like you and get extensions if I did. :)
    Sending support to your niece, hope she's soon to be finished with the chemo, she's got such a cute smile!!

  4. I love your hair always. I also love that you change it a lot because that has been me the last 5 years!!! Every time I go to my Hairdresser she goes oh no what next! Hehe.

    Your sister is so talented!!!

    Hope the chemo is gentle on your niece it just sounds like it would make you feel terrible. Glad all her numbers are fantastic!

    1. Thank you, Jess. Isn't it so much fun to change our hairstyles? I think it keeps things interesting :)
      I'm hoping the chemo won't be too hard for her either. At least we know only a few more months of this. There is an end in sight!

  5. So proud of you and your 3 hundred mile months!

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