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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hikes and Runs lately

This is my last week of 'freedom', before my job starts next Monday. I have not been taking one minute for granted.

 I found some new places to hike. I love hiking almost as much as I do running.
A friend of mine told me about Cove Springs, in Frankfort. Beautiful trails, as well as a couple waterfalls. I had a great time, being alone (literally) in the woods, just enjoying the beauty and the sounds of nature.

Trail running or hiking is so different than road running, obviously. I can't get lost in my music, my podcast, or even my thoughts, like I can when I run on the road. You have to always watch where your next step will be, you have to be much more aware of your surroundings. In my case, I get lost so easily, it's ridiculous! So I'm always paying attention to the trail, making sure I don't miss a turn. (Which I always end up doing anyway)
 This sounds cheesy, but when I'm on the trails, I feel like I'm using 100% of my senses. And it's incredible.
 There are days that it's nice to zone out and run, not needing to think about anything. But then there are other days when you just need to be fully aware, you need to be completely in the moment, and not miss a thing. I am so thankful to experience both.

My oldest sister, Molly, hiked 5 miles with me at Creasey Mahan Preserve on Monday. Personally, I thought the trails were pretty boring. A lot of it was overgrown, the few trail signs they had, were pretty confusing. And we even had a map! It promised several waterfalls and hidden springs, and there were none. I don't think I'd go back there again. But we had an awesome time! I just adore all of my sisters.

Btw, Molly recently started her own blog, Color me veggie. She's a vegan, and she posts some amazing recipes, and other inspirational things. I am sooo impressed with her willpower. She's really amazing. She's going to do a guest post for me soon!

The park that I always do my long runs in, recently opened a new section. It's a 19 mile paved path, that now connects to the Louisville Loop, which is a 100 mile trail connecting a bunch of parks and neighborhoods. I am SO excited about it. It's so pretty, it's flat, and I just love it!

I'm still working on 100 miles for the month, up to 30 so far!


  1. Heading to check out her blog!!! How fun! I'm sure you influenced her to do a blog.
    Enjoy that last bit of freedom ;)

  2. Hey - nice sling bag! ;) It's so cool that you have access to so many paths and trails to run/hike on. I need to spend a day exploring around here to see what's nearby. Crazy - I've been in this area for 18 years and still know next to nothing about either side of the river! Hope your last few days are filled with relaxation! :)

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