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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Iron Horse half, my new job and a new number

Saturday I ran my 24th half marathon, the Iron Horse half. I had heard about this race for years, so was very excited to finally get to do it!

I met my friend Amy for packet pickup on Friday, and then lunch together. I met Amy through my blog several years ago. In the beginning, I thought she would probably just be a "hi, how are you, goodbye" type of friend. But I was wrong. She has turned into such a great friend, and has stuck with me through the years.
 This was her first time running this race too. And she just had baby #5, 8 months ago!

We met up again Saturday morning before the race, so we could run together. We both run about the same pace, so knew we could push eachother.

It was a gorgeous morning. Nice and cool, although it would warm up soon.

The course was just beautiful. Horse farms everywhere. Lots and lots of hills! I feel like I do better on hills then I used to though, so they weren't too bad.
 We decided we wanted to come in under 2:40. I was hopeful we could do it, but with the hills, I wasn't too sure.
But we powered through. At times when I wanted to walk, she would say "let's just run to that tree", and I would do the same for her.
I thought the weather was perfect. It was a little warm, but there were nice breezes.

At mile 13, we turn a corner and see the finish line. As we get closer, I see the clock says 2:35. I'm yelling "we're gonna make it!!" We were so excited.

Our finish time was 2:36. Mission accomplished!

Monday I started my new banking job. I know it's only been a few days, but I can already tell I'm going to love it. I'll have 3 weeks of training before starting to work in the call center.
 Already during this training I've been so glad that I have banking experience (I worked for 5 years in a bank years ago). So much of this has come back easily to me, and I've thought wow, if I didn't already know this stuff, I would be LOST!

 Again, I know it's only been a few days, but it feels like I'm rediscovering who I am. Having a home daycare for the past 10 years, I guess I kind of got lost, like my brain turned to mush or something.
 So now, being back in the field, I feel like the part of me that I didn't even know existed anymore, is coming back. And I kinda like her! ;)

Yesterday was my birthday, my 2nd day on the job, and my boss bought key lime pies for us (he knew that was my favorite pie), and I got a very sweet card from all the call center employees. I was just blown away, these people don't even know me! I was very impressed.

In a way, it's hard for me to think about being 39 now. The one thing I've wanted more than anything in this life (to be a mom), most likely won't ever happen. But I'm going to focus on the great things that are happening and getting ready to happen. I don't know what this year holds for me, but I am determined to make the last year in my 30's the best year ever!



  1. Gotta find the good to focus on - for sure!
    Your time = AMAZING!!! You've really worked hard at your running!! Look at you knocking out hills now!!!!
    Congrats on the beginning of your new job.

  2. Yay for the race time! I haven't really run a race with hills yet (just Iroquois mountain) and therefore haven't trained on them either -- I probably ought to add that next. :)

    And congratulations on your job - they sound like a great group of people to be working with if they do all that after just meeting you! A company that values its employees is definitely a good one.

    Enjoy 39!

  3. Happy Birthday and congrats on such a great race. It's so nice to find someone to run with that will push you.

    1. Thank you, Heather! It was really great getting to run with her. I think we both needed that!

  4. Great job on your race and happy belated birthday.

  5. Happy birthday! It was nice of your co-workers to get you the card. :)

  6. Love this! Congrats on #24! It sounds like a great day. And congrats also on your new job. It's wonderful when you can actually enjoy your job. And I have no doubt you'll make the 39th year one to remember!!! :-)

    April in Georgia

    1. Thank you April! That is my plan, to make this an unforgettable year!

  7. So awesome about the race, great job to you both!!!
    Exciting about the new job, if your already loving it I think that is a great sign. That was sweet of them to celebrate your birthday too!
    39, well its sure starting off to be the year of a new you. So happy for you!!!

  8. Congrats on the new job it sounds like it will be really positive for you. And Happy Birthday!!!! X


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