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Monday, November 7, 2016

Indy Monumental Half Recap

Saturday I ran my 26th half marathon, my last half of the year, the Indy Monumental half.
(There were 2 other half's I wanted to run this year, but my new job is making me work Saturday's for the rest of the year...boooo.)

 Jeremy and I drove to Indy Friday night. I met up with my friend Kim, who had so sweetly picked up my packet for me.
 Everything is different now that I have a job, I can't just go places anytime I want. But I'm not complaining, now I'll have money for more races! :)

 When I got back to our hotel I was looking through my packet and pulled out my tshirt. Now, race shirts never fit me. 9 times out of 10, they're too small. I pulled this one out, and was expecting to see an XL, hoping it would fit me like a L. But it was TINY! I looked at the tag, and it was an XS! So, that was disappointing.

 Saturday morning we were able to walk to the race start from our hotel. I love staying at hotels where you can just walk to the start line, save yourself all the stress of finding parking.

It was a little chilly, around 37 degrees. I knew it would feel great once the race started though.

If you remember, when I ran the Urban Bourbon half 2 weeks ago, I said I AM going to run a sub 2:30 at the Indy Monumental. I did a 2:31 there, on a hilly course, and since the Monumental course is flat, I knew I could do it.

Of course that was on my mind every single mile. And every mile I would look at my Garmin, and for the first 5 miles, my pace was around 10:40. I was so surprised! I don't run 10 anything!!
 When I do runs on my own, they're always around a 11:45-12 min. pace.

But I had a goal, and I was going to do whatever I had to, to get there. And I felt great! I thought there's no way I'm running this fast, because I feel so good.

It was probably around mile 10 when I started to slow down, and I started to walk a little bit. But my pace never got over 11:30.

It was also around that time I started realizing that I was going to crush my goal. Then I started thinking maybe it was possible to get a PR...

Jeremy caught me coming into the finish
After an excellent run, tons of crowd support, awesome volunteer's, perfect weather, I see the finish line.
I finish in 2:25!!!

I was thinking that was a PR, but once I got home yesterday and was looking back at my previous times, I found out that a PR would've been 2:24. (I did not mean to mislead anyone by saying otherwise)

I was SO happy! I have not ran a half under 2:30 in 2 years!!
I really think it's these 100 mile months I've been doing, and just sheer determination.

Jeremy and I celebrated by getting a Giordano's pizza, and going to a beautiful park to relax for awhile.

What an awesome race this was! My next one isn't until April 22, but I'm sure I'll find some before then.
 I have to give a shout out to my friend Elizabeth, who ran who first marathon this weekend in Indy, and she did awesome!!
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