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Monday, December 19, 2016

Life lately and a cancelled race

Long time no see!

 I am 2 months into my new job (time flies!), and this week I'll be getting new hours. No more Saturday's, and no more 10 hour days. I'll now be working 'normal people' hours, and I am so happy.
 I still love my job. I work in a bank call center, and for some reason they have my cubicle in the boys section. Ha!
 But I have been very thankful for that. They are great guys, they are funny, love to pick on me, and they keep me entertained for sure. All of my coworkers are just amazing. I have never worked with better people. When you talk to some crazy, rude people on the phone, who have no business even owning a checking account, having great coworkers to take your mind off them is a lifesaver.

This girl, my precious niece, is doing amazing! She had an MRI last week, and there is NO evidence of tumor recurrence in Kristin's body. God is so good.
 Her chemo will be done in the Spring and we plan on going back to Chicago to visit the friends we made at the Ronald McDonald House.

I've signed up for quite a few races next year. I'm going to be doing lots of traveling! I decided next year I don't want to repeat many races, I want to do new ones. I do have 3 repeats, but the rest will be races I've never done.

I've also been reading this book lately. It's hard to put down!
Why am I reading such a morbid book?
Because my friend Kristy and I are planning a trip to hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim!
It's going to be very intense and tough, which makes me even more excited. We'll do it in 2 days, around 25 miles each day.
The book is really not morbid, it's just good info on things for hikers to be aware of.
More to come!

Yesterday I was supposed to run my last half of the year, the Indy Santa Hustle. But they cancelled it because temps were supposed to be 0. I was really glad they cancelled it, that way I didn't feel as guilty about not showing up. :)
 Cold weather and Ido not get along. I joined Planet Fitness, so have been doing all of my running indoors lately.
Since I didn't get to wear my Christmas shirt and bondi band to the race, I wore it to the gym instead.
Isn't the shirt adorable?? I got it here.

Until next time!

Anyone want to hike Grand Canyon with us?
Are you ready for Christmas?



  1. I'm so happy your niece is doing so well. Health is such a precious thing. And, omg, reading about the Grand Canyon hike makes my legs hurt. Lol. But it sounds AMAZING!! I'm excited for you and can't wait to hear about it.

    April in Georgia

    1. Ya know, you can always come with us to the GC, April! :)
      Thanks, girl!

  2. I didnt realize YOU are the one doing that with kristy - that is so exciting!!!!! That makes me want to say, Hey,I'm coming too ;) But then there's that whole hiking thing ;) haha

    Love your shirt. Super cute.

    So happy your job is working out so well & you have good people around you. That makes such a difference.

    PRAISE THE LORD for your niece. That just made my day.

  3. Hiking the Grand Canyon sounds amazing! I am so scared of heights though! So glad to hear your niece is doing well! I have missed your blog the last few months have been crazy and I haven't had any time for anything! Glad to be able to read again!

    1. Heights don't bother me at all. Although I hate roller coasters!
      I hope things calm down for you now that your girls are out of school, right? Good to hear from you as always Jess!!

  4. Love your shirt and headband!! :)

    Glad to hear that your niece is doing so well and that your job is going well, too.

    That book does sound morbid and scary for wanting to R2R2R. I hope you find it inspiring. I really want to do it with you and Kristy.

  5. Glad to know that your niece is doing good. Seems like lots of races- I know you will ace them all.

  6. So happy to hear about your niece, that is incredible news! She's a beautiful girl, and lucky to have you as an aunt!
    Also love that you still are loving your new job, I bet you are very excited about those normal hours and schedule!!!
    I am so excited to hike the Grand Canyon with you, the hardest part now is just the wait, LOL
    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a great New Years!!!

  7. First of all - I'm glad you're back with your blog! I'm still getting caught up on reading posts, or I would have commented before you lost it. :)

    Then - very happy news about your niece!

    And also - Super envious about the Grand Canyon hike! We're tentatively planning to go out there at the end of this year so you'll have to be sure to post tons of photos and trip ideas. It sounds like so much fun!

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