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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Movies and a hospital visit

My weekend went a little different than I expected, but it ended up great, which is all that matters!

Charity and I went to see a movie Friday night.

My sweet niece and I went to see "The space between us" on Saturday. It was a movie filled weekend.

My mom's sister passed away this weekend. I never met her. She lived in a group home in Texas. She had the mental capacity of a 2 year old.
 My mom was the oldest of 7, so she grew up taking care of her, and Melinda adored her big sister. She told me that Melinda loved to run, and one thing that aggravated her more than anything was that she couldn't run anymore because she was in really poor health.
I love to think about her running now, totally whole in her mind and body.

Can I just say, how gorgeous is my mom?!

Going through pictures and memories

It has now been 10 days since my lipo, and I'm doing great. I had a little scare yesterday when several people, including my Dr, were concerned that I may have a blood clot. I had all the signs and symptoms of having a blood clot in my foot. I had been having trouble breathing for several days, so we thought it was possible it went to my lung. How scary does that sound!!

 Jeremy took me to the ER and they got me in super fast. We were there for about 4 hours, while they ran every test possible.

 While we were waiting on the results, I noticed my breathing became normal.
 They came in with my results, and every test was perfect! No blood clots, no fluid around my lungs, no heart failure, nothing! I was so so happy and relieved, of course. They attributed everything to post surgery swelling. I know even though this surgery was a 'vain' thing, I still know God was taking care of me.
Btw, I have created a private IG of my lipo journey. It is katlipojourney. It's not pretty though, just so you know.

Here's my declaration for the rest of the year: no more death, no more hospitals, no more scary moments. That's not too much to ask, right??



  1. OH mercy girl.. that is scary!!!! So glad its all OK.
    Talk about your momma being beautiful... I see you in that picture!!!!
    Sad to hear of a loss... even when you dont really know the person, it still feels like the family is missing something.
    I wanted to see The Space Between Us - is it good? Teenage appropriate? I was wanting to take my nieces as well.

  2. Yikes! Glad it wasn't anything serious! I think I'm getting paranoid the older I get - any little twinge or ache or freckle makes me worried that something is wrong. Yay for movie weekends - I haven't been in ages but the movies don't stay in the theaters long enough these days. By the time I think I want to see a movie, it's already gone and I have to wait for DVD or Netflix. Very sorry about your aunt though - I hope your mom is doing ok.

  3. I hope your declaration comes true. It shouldn't be too hard, right?! :-)

    Sorry to hear about your mother's sister, but hopefully she is running free and whole now.

  4. Oh that sounds so scary. I am sorry to hear about.Your Mum's sister as well. You deserve a calm, smooth and healthy year this year (And your whole family).

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