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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Washington DC Adventures Day 2

Last week was so busy, I had no time to recap our 2nd day in DC.

 Friday was such a crazy day, we were hoping Saturday would be calm, drama free, and no more attempted robberies...and it was perfect!

We slept in, went to a nice breakfast and watched some runners from the RnR DC run by. It did make me really sad for a moment that I wasn't out there running. But then I remembered how COLD it was, so I was glad to be inside nice and warm.

Here's some pics from our day:

WWII Memorial

Trolley Tour

 The only museum we had time for was the Holocaust Museum. We didn't make it through all 4 floors, we only got through 3 before they closed.
 It was so shocking and horrifying, very sad and somber. So humbling. Several moments where I felt nauseated. I've watched all the movies, but seeing this in person made it much more real.

The remembrance room (a very small section of it)

This is the first thing you see as you begin the tour. From the other
side of the room you could hear a video playing with some of their screams. Speechless.

Seeing their shoes just took your breath away

This was so incredibly sad, and just makes you SO furious that this could've ever happened. Absolutely heartbreaking.

Friday night we had dinner at the POV rooftop. Beautiful restaurant with gorgeous views.  It was enclosed in plastic for the winter, but still pretty chilly.

We could see the White House from where we were sitting

I eat steak maybe once a year, so I don't have much to
compare it to; but this was the best steak I've ever had!

Charity took this pic of me right before we got swarmed by security. How gorgeous is this lobby at the W!
We had an absolutely amazing time. I do wish we could've stayed another day or two, there was SO much more we wanted to see!

 And this was how our trip ended. A man snoring in the seat behind us on our flight home. How can you not take a picture of that?

P.S. Any pics that look professional are because Charity took them, and she's a professional! Other pics were done with my IPhone.



  1. I haven't been to DC since I was in 5th grade. And now I really want to go back. SO BAD!! Sorry you weren't able to do the race, but it sounds like you had a great trip (minus the weird first day and the snoring plane guy). HAHA!! look fantastic.

    1. Thanks girl! I definitely want to go back again and spend a couple more days so I can see everything!

  2. Oh my gosh... that's my fear someone takes a picture of me somewhere sneaky. haha
    I would love to go to Washington just for the historical museums. I can imagine how powerful that was.

  3. I've been to D.C. as a fourteen-year-old on a Marching Band parade during the Cherry Blossom Parade. However, that is just a blip on the radar. I would appreciate the experience as an adult. The Holocaust Museum would be the first stop on the itinerary. Thank you Katie for expressing how you felt upon entering the museum. It means a lot to me personally.

    1. Going to the Holocaust Museum was more important to me than anything else. I hope you get to go back again sometime!

  4. I'm late to the party (just seeing this now...a few weeks late LOL). I was just in DC recently as well. I had been to the Holocaust Museum once before, but didn't have much time to really see it...oh gosh, it left me an emotional mess. I think it's very beautifully done, but it is gut-wrenching. We had our youngest daughter with us this time. She's a junior in HS, and she was speechless. DC is such a beautiful city, though....all the monuments and memorials are simply amazing ;-)

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