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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Grand Canyon, here I come!

I can't believe it's been over two months since I have blogged!
 My laptop decided to be stupid and will no longer let me upload pictures here from my Dropbox,  and I can't figure out how else to do it. And who really wants to read a blog with no pictures?
 I can't use blogger from my iPad or iPhone, so trying to blog at all is extremely difficult. Any smart computer people out there want to help me?  :)

 I've ran 2 half marathons since I've been gone. I ran the Flying Pig half marathon in Cincinnati. That was my first race after having to cancel three others because I was recovering from liposuction.  It felt so good to be back! I had a great race, and loved every minute of it. Even the hills.
Then on Sunday I ran the Noblesville half marathon in Indiana. That one didn't turn out as well as I was hoping. It was a flat course, pretty nice weather, although a little on the hot side. But I ended up running that one slower than the flying pig. I still can't figure out what happened there, but I'm just moving on!

 I know I mentioned before about my upcoming R2R2R (rim to rim to rim) Grand Canyon adventure. Well, after six months of planning and training, it will be here tomorrow!
I'm a little nervous, but super excited. There's always the question of did I really train enough, am I prepared for this? But I do believe I am. I am 100% confident going into this.

I will be meeting my friend Kristy in Utah, and then Thursday we will head to the Grand Canyon. We will camp out there on the North rim for the night. Then bright and early Friday morning (actually DARK and early, 4am)  we will begin our 30ish mile hike down into the canyon, 12-15 hours.
We will stay at the South Rim all day Saturday, maybe just go on some small hikes. Then Sunday morning we will begin our 24 mile hike up out of the canyon.
 Going both ways will be difficult. Going down the canyon is hard on the knees. But for me, coming back up is where I will really see what I'm made of! I have read that coming back up is equivalent to climbing Mount McKinley. The temps in the canyon will be in the 100's. (But no humidity)

On Monday, if our legs are still functioning, we plan on hiking in Zion National park with Clarinda.
 It's going to be intense and a crazy adventure, and I cannot wait!!

I hope to get my computer fixed soon, because I know I will have loads of pictures when I get back!



  1. Oh my - have a wonderful time and do take lots of photos! This is definitely something I want to do in the future so I'm curious about all aspects of it (are you using a guided tour company? what are you packing for food and fuel (both physical and campfire)? ... so many questions. :) You CAN do this and you ARE strong enough for this!!

    1. I'll probably come back with at least a thousand pictures. :)
      No, just Kristy and I are doing it on our own! We're bringing sweet and salty snacks for the trail, I'm also bringing some energy gels. We'll be able to eat meals at the campground both nights, so we don't have to bring actual meals, which is nice. Ask all the questions you want! Thank you Elizabeth!

  2. Oh man I was at the Pig! Would have loved to meet up with you at the start!!

    Glad you got some runs in. Weird about the flat half. Hope your hiking went well!

    1. I would've loved to have met you!! Have you signed up for next year? I'm still deciding on that. Thanks Meg!

  3. I LOVED the Grand Canyon. It was as spiritual as they say. Enjoy your time! Also, I write up my posts on my computer and then I go to an app called BlogTouch (for Blogspot Blogger) on my iPhone to upload my photos. I rather type up my post on a computer as I hate to type that much on the iPhone keypad. But the app saves me a step of moving my photos to my computer.

    1. So glad to hear you loved it! I'm sure it's absolutely breathtaking. Thank you for the recommendation on BlogTouch. I didn't know there was such an app, and it sounds like just what I need! Thanks Heather!

  4. I dont know how I have blogged for 10 years & still dont know how things work. Sorry, I'm no help.
    Have a WONDERFUL time though. I bet you're going to be in such awe of the scenery, the miles wont feel long at all!

    1. I feel like I should know more about blogging then I do too!
      Thank you, my friend! It was the most beautiful place I've ever been.

  5. I'm so excited for us, I literally can't wait!
    I'm also excited to meet you (officially) LOL I've told friends I'm doing this with a friend I technically have never met, but know very well. If you're not a blogger then apparently people just don't get the blog friend world, LOL
    It's going to be amazing we will have adventures to tell for sure!!! See you soon!

  6. I'm so excited for you and Kristy! You're going to have a great time. Looking forward to meeting up with you both on Monday - even if no hiking is involved. LOL. :)

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