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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Highlights from my summer

Last Tuesday was a very special day. We celebrated my niece's last chemo treatment!
It's been one year since Kristin was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She had a successful surgery, and many chemo treatments and so much more over the year.
 But now it's all over. Her hair can grow back and she can go back to being a normal kid. (Well, she's almost 15 now!)
She has a great prognosis, and will live to be a little old lady.

I know I haven't been here much lately, but I've still been running and going to the gym.
I'm loosely following a half marathon training plan. My next race is the Indy Women's half on Sep 30th.

My Twinnie and I recently went to Ohio for the weekend. We found a beautiful park to run/walk in.

I ran a 5k with some friends one night, had a great time. There is nothing better than running with friends then relaxing and listening to a good band. I just love it.

On Sep 1st I'm having a liposuction revision. I had lipo 7 months ago, and have never been happy with how my stomach and hips turned out. So I'm going to go through it all again.
Thankfully, I only have to pay the anesthesiologist fee, the doctor doesn't charge anything for revision.
 That recovery was one of the hardest things I've been through. I wasn't able to run without pain for at least four months.
 But I'm going to push through it, I have 5 half marathons already scheduled for this fall, and I'm not going to be canceling any of them! My doctor did say since he's only redoing two areas instead of all four, recovery won't be as bad.
This time I'll be staying with one of my sisters, so Jeremy doesn't have to deal with me again!

My sweet niece wanted to go hiking with me, so we went to a park that also had a waterfall, which she had never seen before. We hiked 4.5 miles. I was sooo proud of her. She ran a 5K with me one time, but that was the furthest distance she's ever been. 
 She was a great little hiking buddy and didn't complain one time! 

And that is just a very few highlights of my summer. 

Have a fabulous Monday, my friends!


  1. Yay for Kristin! So glad she came through this year with that beautiful smile still on her face. :) This summer weather has been dragging me down - it's going to be a shock to my system when I get out and run an actual race outside! ;)

  2. Oh man.... Praying for you going through that recovery - but yep, if you've come this far & not happy with it, make sure you have the results you want.
    Sooooo happy for your niece!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!

  3. So happy for your niece!! That is awesome, she's an amazing gal! (And she has a great aunt!!!)
    Looks like you've been having a fun summer, beautiful trail pictures!!!

  4. I am waiting for your coming pictures. I wish you all good luck for your coming blogs and posts. Keep sharing!
    abcya |abcya 7 | brainpop

  5. Such great news about your niece! Looks like you've been enjoying the summer. Good luck with the lipo revision. Hope it doesn't hinder of your races this fall.

  6. Thank you for the good news that was shared with me.




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