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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Looking back and looking ahead

And just like that, 2017 is gone!
I only ran 7 half marathons, which isn’t many for me. My big thing for the year was hiking the Grand Canyon. The plan was to hike rim to rim to rim, but I passed out at mile 17, so we didn’t get to finish. But that was definitely the highlight of my year! The highlight being that I miraculously lived. 

In January my father-in-law passed away, so it’s been a year of learning to live a new normal without him. 
I had liposuction, and then liposuction revision 6 months later.
My precious niece finished her chemo and is cancer free as of this summer and forever!
I turned 40. Gulp. 
I got a new position at the bank where I work, which I love. It’s so nice to love my job!
I celebrated my 11th wedding anniversary. 
I had some impossible times as a wife and stepparent, that I thought were going to do me in and be the end of me.

But through it all, God has never left me alone. I couldn’t have survived without Him.

I still love running more than anything, but I definitely didn’t run as much as I have previous years. I didn’t keep track of my miles, but I know they were nowhere near 1000, which is always my goal.

Starting tomorrow I will be meeting with a personal trainer once a week for an hour. We’re going to do strength training, and I told him my goal is to lose 30 pounds and be in excellent shape. So he’s going to help me!
 I also want to become a faster runner. My times are pretty much the same as they were 5 years ago when I started running. That is not good! I know losing weight and really focusing on speed work will help. 

I already have 8 races planned so far for this year, including a local 5K race that I’m helping to put on.
 I would really like to do some different races this year. It seems like I always do the same ones over and over again, but this year I want to do new ones, and definitely more travel. 

Cheers to an amazing 2018!!
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